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Volusia Speedway

Volusia Speedway

Volusia Speedway Park opener goes to Whitener, Burkins, Ashford, Burkins, and Young!

(3-20-17) Barberville, FL – Volusia Speedway Park kicked off their season opener for the 2017 Racing Season this past Saturday Night. 73 cars checked into the pits across five divisions of racing which featured the headline event for the Late Models with $2,000 on the line going home to the feature winner.

The first feature of the night went to Larry Burkins in his Elite Chassis, Burkins Chevrolet sponsored #54. Burkins, who finished third in the final points last season, dominated the feature once he got in the lead winning by nearly 2.5 seconds over runner up and 2016 champion Garett Stewart.

Next up would find the Hobby Stocks taking center stage with Donnie Ashford dominating the event, picking up where he left off last year. Ashford won by 1.7 seconds, but the headline would be the 1-2 sweep of the newly formed Diggin Deep Racing combination of Ashford and Mike Tovet. Tovet, who guest appeared in an Ashford back up car last year, made his debut in the new #151 machine.

The headline feature of the night went to the Late Models. 12 cars checked in for the $2,000 to win main event as it was Mark Whitener taking home the win in his Overkill Motorsports, Burkins Chevrolet, Longhorn Chassis #5. Whitener was able to conserve tires enough to be on the podium at the races finish and collect the top prize.

The V8 Thunderstocks saw David Showers Sr. take home the win while guest starring in the Ronnie Ponce #57. David Showers Jr. guest starred in the #57 last season and took it home to victory as well. Showers Sr. won the final Thunderstock event last season as well in his own Showers Chassis #8.

The final event of the evening would find the Gladiators taking center stage with 21 cars signing in. The event was scheduled to go 15 laps, but after numerous caution periods the event was shortened to 8 laps as the 30 minute time limit was reached. Crossing the line first was Dustin Childers, but postrace inspection found the #55 was too light. Runner-up Robert Young was awarded the feature win in the Youngs Enterprises #48 with his son Rusty Young moving into the runner up spot.

Next week will feature the Eagle Jet Top Gun Sprint Car Series along with the Hobby Stocks, Thunderstocks, and Mini Stocks.

Pit Gate opens at 4:00pm
Main Gate Opens at 5:00pm
Drivers Meeting starts at 6:45pm Hot Laps after
Racing at 7:30pm

General Admission
Adults (18 and older) - $12.00
Kids (11-17) - $8.00
Kids ( 10 and Younger) FREE
First Responders/Military/Seniors - $8.00

Pit Passes
Adults (15 and older - Non DIRTcar Member) - $30.00
Adults (15 and older - DIRTcar Members) - $25.00
Kids (6 to 14) - $15.00
Kids (5 and younger) - FREE

Official Rundown from 3-18-17

Late Models (12 Cars)
Fast Qualifier – Nevin Gainey 16.977
Feature – Mark Whitener, David Whitener, Rhett Carter, Travis Staats, Nevin Gainey, Cole Exum, Mark Steube, Blake Spencer, Chad Tuten, Garrett Lloyd, Louis Ledlow, Donnie Padgett

Modified (18 Cars)
Feature – Larry Burkins, Garret Stewart, Jamie Carter, Shane Burrows, Paul Shead, Patrick Vareika, Dillon Browning, Roger Crouse, Jim Passino, Hunter Gustafson, Joey Parks, Seth Geary, Larry Mott, Sean Monaghan, Charles O’Neill, Dustin Thayer, Charlie Phillips, Rich Pratt

Hobby Stocks (9 Cars)
Feature – Donnie Ashford, Michael Tovet, Alan Peacock, Jonathan Croson, Josh Walker, Robert Sirmons, Josh Kunstbeck, Kameron McGauley, Andy Lufkin, Robert Sirmons

Thunderstocks (12 Cars)
Feature – David Showers Sr., Shaun Daugharty, Kent Corbin, Donnie Birdwell, John Thorpe, Michael Tovet, Javen Wells, Matt Schloss, Erick Arminio, Maggie Ferland, Del Powell

Gladiators (21 Cars)

Feature – Robert Young, Rusty Young, Robbie White, Steve Ramos, Todd Latour, Steven Quick, Eddie Tovet, Ashley Eng, Jamie Adams, Casey Feaster, Erik Mantz, Andrew Roberts, Jay Wells, Jamie Sullivan, Noel Latour, Scotty Sullivan, Kyle Eng, Dustin Higdon (DNS), John Baxter (DNS), Dustin Childers (DQ-Light), Michael Chapman (DQ-Exit Car on Track)

Volusia Speedway Park

Hearn Double Dips at DIRTcar Nationals

Grabs the DIRTcar Nationals Finale and Championship

BARBERVILLE, F.L - Feb. 26, 2017 – Brett ‘The Jet’ Hearn picked up his tenth DIRTcar Nationals victory with the Super DIRTcar Series at Volusia Speedway Park on Saturday night. The veteran driver from Sussex, N.J. took the lead from the start and never looked back to take the $5,000 payday in the 40-lap finale, also staking claim to the DIRTcar Nationals championship.

“The guys at the Madsen Overhead Door shop are going to have to build a bigger shelf,” Hearn said in Victory Lane. “It was a super, awesome team effort. We came down here and fine tuned on this thing, it’s a brand new car.”

Young gun Max McLaughlin of Mooresville, N.C. and the veteran Hearn started on the front row following a pre-race redraw.

On lap one, Hearn drove to the outside into turn three and claimed the top spot from McLaughlin coming out of turn four, setting sail with the early lead.

In a race that had three yellow flags, the first on lap 10 saw a over a half-dozen drivers duck down pit road for adjustments to their Big-Block Modifieds.

The ensuing restart set up a fierce battle between McLaughlin and Matt Sheppard of Waterloo, N.Y. for the runner-up spot as they swapped positions for several laps.

There was a glimmer of hope for the second- and third-place runners when Hearn caught the back of the pack on lap 23, allowing McLaughlin and Sheppard a shot at the top spot.

With the second yellow flag on lap 26, Sheppard relinqiuished the third position to come down pit road for a new right-rear tire.

Tim Fuller got into the mix after he got by Peter Britten for third place, Fuller then set his sights on second-place McLaughlin. Fuller put pressure on McLaughlin on the final restart as he drove under him for second. That left the door open for Danny Johnson as he followed in pursuit on lap 33 to take third place.

It was too late as Hearn was way out front en route to his first victory of the 2017 season.

“You’re always on edge,” Hearn said. “It was nice to see those couple of yellows come out and get some open track. It made my life a little bit easier.”

At the finish, Hearn claimed the DIRTcar Nationals finale over Fuller, Johnson, McLaughlin and Britten.

“The track crew did a great job giving us a multi-lane track tonight,” said Hearn in Victory Lane. “I have to say thanks to them for their efforts.”

Fuller, now the driver of the Graham Racing No. 19, capped off the night with a second-place finish.

“I think we got better as the race went on,” Fuller said. “I have to thank Ray Graham for starting this new team. I think it’s a good start for us. It’s only a sign of things to come. Brett was pretty strong, but I think we were pretty equal. If we got into some lapped traffic, we could have seen who was more versatile.”

Following the Super DIRTcar Series 40-lap feature was a non-qualifiers Big-Block Modified feature. Darwin Greene and Dillon Steuer led the 12-lap non-qualifiers race to the green flag. Greene led the field from green to checkered and won over Eldon Payne and C.G. Morey.

Super DIRTcar Series Statistical Report; Feb. 25, 2017; Volusia Speedway Park, Barberville, F.L.

Feature (40 Laps) –1. 20-Brett Hearn, 2. 19-Tim Fuller, 3. 27j-Danny Johnson, 4. 6h-Max McLaughlin, 5. 21a-Peter Britten, 6. 25r-Erick Rudolph, 7. 44-Stewart Friesen, 8. 14j-Alan Johnson, 9. 98h-Jimmy Phelps, 10. 99l-Larry Wight, 11. 43-Jimmy Horton, 12. 8-Rich Scagliotta, 13. 7m-Mike Maresca, 14. 96-J.F. Corriveau, 15. 22-Brandon Walters, 16. 109-Billy Whittaker, 17. 30-Jamie Mills, 18. 7-Rick Laubach, 19. 9s-Matt Sheppard, 20. 19m-Jessy Mueller, 21. 88-Mike Mahaney, 22. 5-Billy Vaninwegen, 23. 54-Steve Bernard, 24. 3-Justin Haers, 25. 71-Mike Bowman, 26. 96c-Mario Clair, 27. 85-H.J. Bunting, 28. 49-Billy Dunn

Last-Chance Showdown No. 2 (10 Laps): 1. 3-Justin Haers, 2. 54-Steve Bernard, 3. 22-Brandon Walters, 4. 7-Rick Laubach, 5. 13-Steve Davis, 6. 118-Jim Britt, 7. 6d-Dillon Steuer, 8. 27-David Hunt, 9. 44r-Russell Morseman

Last-Chance Showdown No. 1 (10 Laps): 1. 99l-Larry Wight, 2. 98h-Jimmy Phelps, 3. 7m-Mike Maresca, 4. 85h-HJ Bunting, 5. 1g-Darwin Green, 6. 28p-Eldon Payne, 7. 48t-Dave Rauscher, 8. 1-Billy Pauch, 9. 14-CG Morey, 10. 27a-Ryan Anderson

Heat 1 (8 Laps) – 1.14j-Alan Johnson, 2. 25r-Erick Rudolph, 3. 30-Jamie Mills, 4. 19m-Jessy Mueller, 5. 96-J.F. Corriveau, 6. 99l-Larry Wight, 7. 85-HJ Bunting, 8. 14-CG Morey, 9. 7m-Mike Maresca, 10. 28p-Eldon Payne

Heat 2 (8 Laps) – 1. 21a-Peter Britten, 2. 20-Brett Hearn, 3. 27j-Danny Johnson, 4. 44-Stewart Friesen, 5. 98h-Jimmy Phelps, 6. 96c-Mario Clair, 7. 1g-Darwin Green, 8. 27a-Ryan Anderson, 9. 1-Billy Pauch, 10. 48t-Dave Rauscher

Heat 3 (8 Laps) – 1. 9s-Matt Sheppard, 2. 49-Billy Dunn, 3. 109-Billy Whittaker, 4. 88-Mike Mahaney, 5. 71-Mike Bowman, 6. 54-Steve Bernard, 7. 22-Brandon Walters, 8. 27-David Hunt, 9. 118-Jim Britt, 10. 44r-Russell Morseman

Heat 4 (8 Laps) –1. 19-Tim Fuller, 2. 6h-Max McLaughlin, 3. 43-Jimmy Horton, 4. 8-Rich Scagliota, 5. 5-Billy Vaninwegen, 6. 3-Justin Haers, 7. 7-Rick Laubach, 8. 13-Steve Davis, 9. 6d-Dillon Steuer

Group 1 Qualifier – 1. 14J-Alan Johnson,18.719; 2. 30-Jamie Mills, 18.758; 3. 25R-Erick Rudolph, 18.818; 4. 96-Jean-F Corriveau, 19.000; 5.19m-Jessy Mueller, 19.039; 6. 85-H.J. Bunting III, 19.042; 7. 99L-Larry Wight, 19.043; 8. 28p-Eldon Payne, 19.051; 9. 7m-Mike Maresca, 19.120; 10. 14-C.G Morey, 19.227

Group 2 Qualifier – 1. 21a-Peter Britten, 18.685; 2. 20-Brett Hearn, 18.763; 3. 44-Stewart Friesen, 18.796; 4. 27J-Danny Johnson,18.862; 5. 96c-Mario Clair, 18.935; 6. 98H-Jimmy Phelps, 19.008; 7. 27A-Ryan Anderson, 19.358; 8.1G-Darwin Green,19.371; 9. 1-Billy Pauch,19.406; 10. 48T-Dave Rauscher, NT 

Group 3 Qualifier – 1. 9s-Matt Sheppard, 18.815; 2. 49-Billy Dunn, 18.945; 3. 88-Mike Mahaney, 19.172; 4. 109-Billy Whittaker, 19.190; 5. 71-Mike Bowman, 19.201; 6. 54-Steve Bernard, 19.288; 7. 22-Brandon Walters, 19.301; 8.118-Jim Britt, 19.422; 9. 44R-Russell Morseman, 19.495; 10.27-David Hunt,19.551

Group 4 Qualifier –1. 19-Tim Fuller, 19.035; 2. 6h-Max McLaughlin, 18.859; 3. 43-Jimmy Horton, 4. 5-Billy VanInwegen, 18.967; 5. 8-Rich Scagliotta, 19.349; 6. 3-Justin Haers, 19.015; 7. 7-Rick Laubach, 19.351; 8. 13-Steve Davis, 19.335; 9. 6d-Dillon Steuer, 19.487

Volusia Speedway Park

O’Neal Wins the Feature at the DIRTcar Nationals Finale

Clanton wins DIRTcar Nationals Championship

BARBERVILLE, FL— February 26, 2017— Don O’Neal of Martinsville, Ind., a veteran racer in action since 1988, has been one of the biggest names without a World of Outlaws Craftsman® Late Model Series victory. That changed in his 53rd career feature start when O’Neal finally took a coveted trip to Victory Lane during the bookend to the 46th Annual DIRTcar Nationals at Volusia Speedway Park on Saturday night.

Heading into the 40-lap Craftsman Club Feature, the buzz was about what tire compound the teams would choose. It was ultimately Don O’Neal who chose the right combination.

“We’ve had a good car,” said O’Neal. “The Peak Anti-Freeze team with Crawford Outdoor, Cometic Gasket, and Penske Shocks car has been good all Speedweeks, there just wasn’t anything going our way. Tonight, it did.”

O’Neal was a man on a mission all night. Locking up the final transfer spot from his heat put him 13th on the feature starting grid. O’Neal made quick work of the cars in front of him and used a lap 15 restart to take the lead from polesitter Dennis Erb Jr. of Carpentersville, Ill. who had led every lap to that point.

“We had a harder tire on then most of those guys,” said Erb Jr., who finished seventh. “A lot of those guys gambled with that soft tire. We took the green early and everyone stayed in that line around the bottom. My car was working really good there. Everything was going good until that yellow came out. Then everybody got chasing the brown, [tacky dirt] around the top and those soft tire were able to pull away from me. We definitely got beat on tires tonight.”

Tim McCreadie of Watertown, NY jumped to the second position the same lap as O’Neal took over the point and steadily gained ground on the leader. On lap 38 in the midst of heavy lapped traffic, O’Neal nearly got into the turn two wall. The slip up by O’Neal allowed McCreadie an attempt for a last lap pass bringing the crowd surrounding the World’s Fastest Half-Mile to their feet.

“I was warming my tires up on the outside and I thought ‘this feels so much better than the bottom did on that first 14-lap run” said McCreadie. “Don, he’s a professional and he found the traction before I did. I moved up and thought we could run with him, but at the end I think he had the best car. He made one little mistake at the end there and it gave us a chance. We hadn’t run this car yet and we ran it for three nights. We got a second and a third out of it.”

O’Neal claimed a desired Gator trophy and $10,000 but it was Shane Clanton who took home the king of them all, the Big Gator as DIRTcar Nationals Late Model champion.

“We missed it a little bit tonight, but it’s a testament to how hard we worked all week,” said Clanton “To run top-five three nights and just miss it a little bit tonight and run where we did (13th), we had a shot.” 

Before the stretch at DIRTcar Nationals, series veteran Clanton explained the importance of coming out of the Georgia-Florida jaunt ahead in the standings.

“If you come out of Florida on top then it’s easy to stay on top, if you come up behind then it’s hard to dig yourself out of that hole,” said Clanton. “It’s important to have a good run because it will boost the whole season and [at this point] who knows who will be running good.”

Headed out of DIRTcar Nationals, Brandon Sheppard is the leader in the 2017 World of Outlaws Craftsman Late Model Series Points Standings followed by Rick Eckert who is only a mere four points behind. For the last two years the driver who headed out of DIRTcar Nationals highest in points ultimately won the Championship Title at the end of the year. That may not be the case this year as the points race is still very close; meaning it could be anyone’s for the taking.

Feature: 1.5- Don O'Neal[13]; 2.39-Tim McCreadie[3]; 3.21-Billy Moyer Jr[9]; 4.40B-Bronson[8]; 5.44-Chris Madden[7]; 6.9-Devin Moran[20]; 7.28-Dennis Erb Jr[1]; 8.18-Eric Wells[24]; 9.7-Rick Eckert[10]; 10.15s-Donny Schatz[14]; 11.3s-Brian Shirley[2]; 12.14-Darrell Lanigan[17]; 13.25-Shane Clanton[4]; 14.1-Brandon Sheppard[6]; 15.91-Tyler Erb[12]; 16.17M-Dale McDowell[18]; 17.1*-Chub Frank[16]; 18.18c-Chase Junghans        [26]; 19.7F-Jason Fitzgerald[15]; 20.2H-Nick Hoffman[11]; 21.99j-Frank Heckenast Jr[23]; 22.14M-Morgan Bagley[19]; 23.2c-Joey Coulter[25]; 24.99B-Boom Briggs[21]; 25.116-Brandon Overton[5]; 26.15-Steve Francis[22]

Qualifying Group A: 1.18-Eric Wells, 16.786; 2. 40B-Kyle Bronson, 17.376; 3.3s-Brian Shirley, 17.387; 4.21-Billy Moyer Jr, 17.418; 5. 39- Tim McCreadie, 17.42; 6. 93- Donald Bradsher, 17.444; 7. 15s- Donny Schatz, 17.453; 8. 1- Brandon Sheppard, 17.52; 9. 99B- Boom Briggs, 17.575; 10. 14M- Morgan Bagley, 17.589; 11. 7- Rick Eckert, 17.661; 12.4-Ds-Chad Hollenbeck, 17.663; 13. 14- Darrell Lanigan, 17.679; 14. 2c- Joey Coulter, 17.696; 15. 18c- Chase Junghans, 17.903; 16. 5- Don O'Neal, 17.913; 17. 2F- Dennis Franklin, 18.115; 18.0v-Coleby Frye, 18.231; 19. 7W- Ricky Weiss, 18.471; 20. B1- Brent Larson, 18.535; 21. 99- Dylan Thompson, 18.708; 22. 16H- Mike Hammerle, 19.385

Qualifying Group B: 1. 44- Chris Madden, 16.532; 2. 28- Dennis Erb Jr, 16.655; 3. 116- Brandon Overton, 16.95; 4. 25- Shane Clanton, 16.956; 5. 2H- Nick Hoffman, 16.973; 6. 91- Tyler Erb, 17.017; 7. 38s- Kenny Pettyjohn, 17.127; 8. 1*- Chub Frank, 17.143; 9. 7F- Jason Fitzgerald, 17.217; 10. 20- Rodney Sanders, 17.227; 11. 15- Steve Francis, 17.32;  12. 99j- Frank Heckenast Jr, 17.349; 13. 9- Devin Moran, 17.369; 14. 17M- Dale McDowell, 17.565; 15. 1P- Earl Pearson Jr, 17.586; 16. 21L- Ivedent Lloyd Jr              , 17.593; 17. 6- Blake Spencer, 17.647; 18. 16T- Tyler Bruening, 17.661; 19. 16- Jason Jameson, 18.135; 20. 3c- Charles LaPlant, 18.513; 21. 14r- Reid Millard, 19.186; 22. 22*- G.R. Smith, DNS

Heat 1 (Top four transfer to the Feature): 1. 40B- Kyle Bronson[1]; 2. 1- Brandon Sheppard[4]; 3. 21- Billy Moyer Jr[2]; 4. 5- Don O'Neal[8]; 5.14M-Morgan Bagley[5]; 6.0v-Coleby Frye[9]; 7.93- Donald Bradsher[3]; 8.B1- Brent Larson[10]; 9.4-Ds- Chad Hollenbeck[6]; 10.2c- Joey Coulter[7]; 11.16H-Mike Hammerle[11]

Heat 2 (Top four transfer to the Feature): 1. 3s- Brian Shirley[1]; 2. 39- Tim McCreadie[2]; 3. 7- Rick Eckert           [5]; 4. 15s-Donny Schatz[3]; 5. 14-Darrell Lanigan[6]; 6. 99B- Boom Briggs [4]; 7.18c- Chase Junghans[7]; 8.18- Eric Wells[11]; 9.7W- Ricky Weiss[9]; 10.2F-Dennis Franklin [8];11. 99-Dylan Thompson[8]

Heat 3 (Top four transfer to the Feature): 1. 44-Chris Madden[1]; 2.116-Brandon Overton[2]; 3.2H-Nick Hoffman[3]; 4.7F-Jason Fitzgerald[5]; 5.9-Devin Moran[7]; 6.38s-Kenny Pettyjohn[4]; 7.15-Steve Francis[6]; 8.1P-Earl Pearson Jr[8]; 9.16-Jason Jameson[10]; 10.6-Blake Spencer[9]; 11.14r-Reid Millard[11]

Heat 4 (Top four transfer to the Feature): 1.28- Dennis Erb Jr[1]; 2.25-Shane Clanton[2]; 3.91-Tyler Erb[3] 4.1*-Chub Frank[4]; 5.20-Rodney Sanders[5] 6.99j-Frank Heckenast Jr[6]; 7.17M-Dale McDowell[7]; 8.21L-Ivedent Lloyd Jr[8]; 9.16T-Tyler Bruening[9] 10.3c-Charles LaPlant[10]; 11.22*-G.R. Smith[DNS]

Last Chance Showdown 1 (Top three transfer to the Feature): 1. 14- Darrell Lanigan[2]; 2.14M-Morgan Bagley[1]; 3.99B-Boom Briggs[4]; 4.0v-Coleby Frye[3]; 5.18c-Chase Junghans[6]; 6.B1-Brent Larson[7]; 7.18-Eric Wells[8]; 8.4-Ds-Chad Hollenbeck[9]; 9.2F-Dennis Franklin[13]; 10.2c-Joey Coulter[11]; 11.93-Donald Bradsher[5]; 12.6-Blake Spencer[12]; 13.99-Dylan Thompson[15]; 14.16H-Mike Hammerle[14]; 15. 7W- Ricky Weiss [DNS]

Last Chance Showdown 2 (Top three transfer to the Feature): 1. 17M-Dale McDowell[6]; 2.9-Devin Moran[1]; 3.15-Steve Francis[5]; 4.21L-Ivedent Lloyd Jr[8]; 5.16-Jason Jameson[9]; 6.16T-Tyler Bruening[10]; 7.14r-Reid Millard[13]; 8.99j-Frank Heckenast Jr[4] 9.3c-Charles LaPlant[12]; 10.20-Rodney Sanders[2]; 11.38s-Kenny Pettyjohn[DNS]; 12.1P-Earl Pearson Jr[DNS]; 13.6-Blake Spencer[DNS]; 14.22*-G.R. Smith[DNS]

CONTINGENCY WINNERS: Craftsman/Sears ($200 Cash): Billy Moyer Jr., Chris Madden, Devin Moran, Eric Wells, Rick Eckert,; Craftsman/Sears ($100 Cash): Don O’Neal; Comp Cams ($50 product certificate): Chris Madden; MSD Ignition ($50 Cash): Billy Moyer Jr.; Quarter Master ($100 Product Certificate): Kyle Bronson; Wrisco (Three Sheets of aluminum): Eric Wells;  Penske Racing Shocks ($50 Product Certificate): Eric Wells ; JE Pistons ($50 Cash): Devin Moran; VP Racing Fuels ($50 Cash): Rick Eckert; Edelbrock ($50 Cash): Rick Eckert; Comp Cams ($50 Cash): Shane Clanton; Cometic ($50 Cash):Darrell Lanigan ; JRI Shocks ($50 Cash): Tyler Erb; Superflow Dyno’s ($50 Cash): Brandon Sheppard; Quartermaster ($25 Product Certificate): Tyler Erb; JE Pistons (One set of piston rings): Chub Frank; Quartermaster ($50 Product Certificate): Joey Coulter; Arizona Sport Shirts ($100 Product Certificate): Frank Heckenast Jr.; JE Pistons (One set of piston rings): Frank Heckenast Jr..; MSD Ignition ($25 Cash): Boom Briggs.; QA-1 ($50 Cash): Chris Madden; Rookie Bonus: Devin Moran; Bonus Bucks: Don O’Neal

Volusia Speedway Park

Hoffamn takes the championship ... Madden earns his first Gator!

BARBERVILLE, FL – February 21, 2017 - Nick Hoffman wrestled the lead from Jacob Hawkins on lap 24 after a multi-lap side-by-side battle and paced the final six laps to win the $5,000 UMP Modified Gator Championship on night seven of the 46th Annual DIRTcar Nationals at Volusia Speedway Park on Monday night. The victory was the third Gator Championship triumph of Hoffman’s career and his fourth in six starts this week.

Hoffman’s teammate, Will Krup of Mount Carmel, Ill., took the lead from polesitter Taylor Cook of Stanley, NC on the opening lap of the 30-lap Feature. Fifth-starting Hawkins of Fairmont, WV quickly drove to second on lap four and then took the lead from Krup while racing against the cushion in the outside lane.

Hoffman was able to get to the back bumper of Hawkins’ No.13 on a pair of restarts at laps 12 and 16. Hawkins used the momentum of the outside lane to his advantage though and maintained the lead while Hoffman kept pace on the inside line.

The two drivers engaged in a thrilling side-by-side battle where Hoffman led at the start-finish line on lap 22 before Hawkins reclaimed the lead on lap 23 only to have it snatched away for good again on lap 24.

“I knew eventually that cushion would go away and my stuff was really good on the bottom,” Hoffman said in Victory Lane as he was presented with his $5,000 check. “I searched around just to see what I had. I married myself to the bottom again and had so much traction off the corners. He had the momentum off the top, but I could still stay with him.”

Hawkins tried both the top and the bottom grooves over the final six laps in his attempt to regain the lead, but Hoffman had already solidified his lead. At the finish line, Hoffman took the checkered flag 1.7 seconds ahead of Hawkins.

“I saw him down there and I’m kind of kicking myself in the butt a little bit now,” Hawkins said. “I should have tried the bottom down in [turns] three and four. The top was working good for me and when you get the lead up there it’s hard to get yourself to change positions on the track. I definitely think down here in three and four if I had moved down I could have held him off.”

Krup, meanwhile, was ecstatic with a podium finish after his qualifying night win on Sunday. His third-place effort along with Hoffman’s victory put two Elite Chassis cars in the top-three.

“To come out here and run with these guys and end up sharing the same podium is huge, especially to run consistently like we have all week,” Krup said. “Nick obviously is the mastermind behind everything. He’ll find out what works or vice versa.”

Rounding out the top-five were Kenny Wallace of Arnold, Mo. and Tyler Nicely of Owensboro, Ky.

“I can’t thank everybody who helped enough,” Hoffman said. “This is my third Big Gator. I knew he was going to be tough the way those track conditions were tonight.”

Billy Workman Jr. of Canby, Or. and Kyle Strickler of Mooresville, NC earned victories in the pair of B-Mains to transfer to the Gator Championship Feature with second-place finishers Mike Learman of Woodstock, Ill. and Chase Collins of Jacksonville, Fla.

Provisional starting spots were awarded to Tony Anderson of Lima, Oh. and Ernie Gingerich of Bunker Hill, Ind. based on the 2016 UMP Modified national point standings. Jason Beaulieu of Campbell River, BC and Josh Rice of Verona, Ky. gained provisional starting spots based on the 2017 DIRTcar Nationals standings.

The DIRTcar UMP Modifieds return on Tuesday for their final night of competition with a trio of 20-lap features alongside a 30-lap Feature for the DIRTcar Late Models. Additional information is available at www.dirtcarnationals.com

46th Annual DIRTcar Nationals at Volusia Speedway Park

DIRTcar UMP Modified Notebook – February 20, 2017

A-Main – (30 Laps) – 1. 2-Nick Hoffman [6]; 2. 13-Jacob Hawkins [5]; 3. K9-Will Krup [2]; 4. 36-Kenny Wallace [7]; 5. 25-Tyler Nicely [3]; 6. 21C-Taylor Cook [1]; 7. 35-David Stremme [13]; 8. 3E-Robbie Eilers [4]; 9. 72-Todd Neiheiser [14]; 10. 45J-Johnny Broking [11]; 11. 77-Ray Bollinger [17]; 12. 49-Brian Ruhlman [8]; 13. 90-Jason Beaulieu [26]; 14. 33-Jeff Mathews [15]; 15. 8-Kyle Strickler [22]; 16. 28BX-Robert Garnes [16]; 17. 22T-Tony Anderson [25]; 18. 64JR-Billy Workman Jr. [21]; 19. 2×4-Chase Collins [24]; 20. 4-Mike Learman [23]; 21. 3L-Jeff Leka [18]; 22. 9G-Ernie Gingerich [27]; 23. 65-Josh Rice [28]; 24. 9-Ken Schrader [12]; 25. 10Y-Trent Young [20]; 26. 24Z-Zeke McKenzie [19]; 27. 54-Larry Burkins [9]; 28. 98F-Derek Fisher [10].

B-Main 1 – (10 Laps – Top 2 Transfer to A-Feature): 1. 64JR-Billy Workman Jr. [2]; 2. 4-Mike Learman [4]; 3. 65-Josh Rice [3]; 4. 07-Jeff Thomas [8]; 5. 8A-Austin Holcombe [1]; 6. 17T-Tyler Evans [5]; 7. 67-Garrett Stewart [12]; 8. 11N-Gene Nicholas [9]; 9. 71M-Shayne Meadows [14]; 10. 01-Jared Spalding [11]; 11. 1-Blake Spalding [7]; 12. 71T-Brent Thompson [6]; 13. 00-Will Norris [16]; 14. 9G-Ernie Gingerich [13]; 15. 69-AJ Fike [10];16. 12K-Scotty Kincaid [15].

B-Main 2 – (10 Laps – Top 2 Transfer to A-Feature): 1. 8-Kyle Strickler [4]; 2. 2×4-Chase Collins [3]; 3. 90-Jason Beaulieu [1]; 4. 88-Matt Crafton [2]; 5. 22T-Tony Anderson [5]; 6. 98-Shon Flanary [7]; 7. D4-Dave Jamieson [8]; 8. 5-Jonathan Taylor [11]; 9. 18I-Jason Intoppa [12];10. Z06-Larry Mott [14]; 11. 9S-Slater McCray [9]; 12. 2J-Troy Johnson [13]; 13. 28B-Jason Brookover [6]; 14. 96J-Matt Johnson [15]; 15. 6-Dylan Browning [DNS].

Volusia Speedway Park

Madden earns his first Gator!

BARBERVILLE, FL – February 21, 2017 - On the seventh day of the 46th annual DIRTcar Nationals, 50 Late Models migrated to Volusia Speedway Park to test their luck at the ‘World Fastest Half-Mile’. The season opening swing through Ga. and Fla. continues and drivers are hoping to leave the track with a coveted Gator trophy in the passenger seat. Chris Madden began his collection of gators tonight.

Madden was steadily gaining ground on pole sitter and race leader, Brian Shirley who had made a significant breakaway from the rest of the field early in the race. With the help of a restart, Madden was able to make a pass on the high-side of Brian Shirley on lap 13 to claim the lead.

“We got a good restart and then we were able to get out in the clean air and we got a pretty good car tonight,” said Chris Madden. “It was too tight the first 10 or so laps but overall we had a great race car. I’m going to take this [gator] home to my little man, Avery.”

Shirley was running a line on the bottom of the track which seemed to be working for him until Madden tested the waters in the upper-middle of the track and started catching up.

“It’s a damned if you do, damned if you don’t deal,” said Shirley in response his choice of the running the bottom of the track. “I mean he got around us there and got away from me and I just changed my line and reeled him back in. I know we had a car capable of winning the race.”

Chub Frank also had a really fast car Monday night and was trailing closely behind Shirley and Madden until his right-rear tire busted and he was sent to the back of the field. Frank doesn’t have a full crew right now, so with the help of his friend and relative, Doug Eck, and a few others he had a new tire on quickly and was back on the track. He ultimately finished 21 of the 24-car Feature.

DIRTcar Racing Late Models will continue to run through Wednesday and the World of Outlaws Craftsman® Late Model Series will pick up on Thursday. Tickets for the event are available here (https://dirtcar.ticketforce.com/eventperformances.asp?evt=215) or by calling 844-DIRT-TIX.

Qualifying No. 1: 1. 18c- Chase Junghans, 16.138; 2. 1*- Chub Frank, 16.14;3. 9B- Boom Briggs, 16.273;4. 1- Brandon Sheppard, 16.332;5. B1- Brent Larson, 16.348;6. 22*- G.R. Smith, 16.573;7. 7m- Donald Mcintosh, 16.574; 8. 4-D’s- Chad Hollenbeck, 16.62; 9. 9- Devin Moran, 16.757; 10. 11B- Stacy Boles, 16.982; 11. 14r- Reid Millard, 17.998

Qualifying No. 2: 1. 18- Eric Wells, 15.802; 2. 44- Chris Madden, 15.809; 3. 25- Shane Clanton, 15.81; 4. 39- Tim McCreadie, 16.209; 5. 6- Blake Spencer, 16.261; 6. 0v- Coleby Frye, 16.375; 7. 71- Hudson O’Neal, 16.421; 8. 7W- Ricky Weiss, 16.863; 9. 3c- Charles LaPlant, 17.424; 10. 2c-Joey Coulter, 17.45; 11. 17M-Dale McDowell ,17.557

Qualifying No. 3: 1. 7F- Jason Fitzgarald, 15.946; 2. 91-Tyler Erb, 16.063; 3. 28E- Dennis Erb Jr, 16.064; 4. 15- Steve Francis, 16.09; 5. 7- Rick Eckert, 16.18; 6. 16T- Tyler Bruening, 16.293; 7. 40B- Kyle Bronson, 16.31; 8. 93-Donald Bradsher, 16.437; 9. 20-Rodney Sanders, 16.443; 10. 24z- Brian Ruhlman,16.835; 11. 15s-Donny Schatz, 17.217

Qualifying No. 4: 1. 3s- Brian Shirley, 15.824; 2. 72- Mike Norris, 15.852; 3. 116- Brandon Overton, 16.336; 4. 2H- Nick Hoffman, 16.487; 5. 14M- Morgan Bagley, 16.53; 6. 99jr- Frank Heckenast Jr, 16.575; 7. 16- Jason Jameson, 16.615; 8. 27- Jeff Beyers, 16.847; 9. 21jr- Billy Moyer Jr, 17.408; 10. 16H-Mike Hammerle, 18.759
Heat No. 1 (10 laps – Top 4 Transfer): 1. 1*- Chub Frank; 2. 18c-Chase Junghans; 3. 22*-G.R. Smith; 4. 99B-Boom Briggs; 5. 9- Devin Moran; 6. B1- Brent Larson; 7. 1- Brandon Sheppard; 8. 7m- Donald Mcintosh; 9. 11B-Stacy Boles; 10. 4-D’s- Chad Hollenbeck; 11. 14r- Reid Millard

Heat No. 2 (10 laps – Top 4 Transfer): 1. 44- Chris Madden; 2. 18- Eric Wells; 3. 25- Shane Clanton; 4. 0v- Coleby Frye; 5. 39- Tim McCreadie; 6. 7W- Ricky Weiss; 7. 2c- Joey Coulter; 8. 71- Hudson O’Neal; 9. 6- Blake Spencer; 10. 17M- Dale McDowell; 11. 3c- Charles LaPlant

Heat No. 3 (10 laps – Top 4 Transfer): 1. 91-Tyler Erb; 2. 7F-Jason Fitzgarald; 3. 28E-Dennis Erb Jr; 4. 40B-Kyle Bronson; 5. 7- Rick Eckert; 6. 15-Steve Francis; 7. 93-Donald Bradsher; 8. 20-Rodney Sanders; 9. 15s- Donny Schatz; 10.16T-Tyler Bruening; 11. 24z-Brian Ruhlman

Heat No. 4 (10 laps – Top 4 Transfer): 1. 3s- Brian Shirley; 2. 116- Brandon Overton; 3. 14M- Morgan Bagley; 4. 72- Mike Norris; 5. 99jr- Frank Heckenast Jr; 6. 2H- Nick Hoffman; 7. 21jr- Billy Moyer Jr; 8. 27- Jeff Beyers; 9. 16- Jason Jameson; 10. 16H-Mike Hammer

Last-Chance Showdown Group No. 1(10 Laps – Top 2 Transfer): 1. 1- Brandon Sheppard[5]; 2. 9- Devin Moran[1];3. 39- Tim McCreadie[2]; 4. 2c- Joey Coulter[6]; 5. 7W- Ricky Weiss[4]; 6. 71- Hudson O’Neal[8]; 7. B1- Brent Larson[3]; 8. 11B- Stacy Boles[9]; 9. 17M- Dale McDowell[12]; 10. 4-D’s- Chad Hollenbeck[11]; 11. 3c- Charles LaPlant[14];12. 7m- Donald Mcintosh[7];13. 6- Blake Spencer[DNS];14. 14r- Reid Millard[DNS]

Last-Chance Showdown Group No. 2(10 Laps – Top 2 Transfer): 1. 7- Rick Eckert[1]; 2. 99jr-Frank Heckenast Jr[2]; 3. 15-Steve Francis[3];4. 93- Donald Bradsher[5];5. 20- Rodney Sanders[7]; 6. 15s- Donny Schatz[9]; 7. 16T- Tyler Bruening[11]; 8. 21jr- Billy Moyer Jr[6]; 9. 27- Jeff Beyers [8]; 10. 16H- Mike Hammerle[12]; 11. 2H- Nick Hoffman[4]; 12. 16- Jason Jameson[DNS]; 13. 24z- Brian Ruhlman[DNS]

Feature (30-lap): 1. 44- Chris Madden[4]; 2. 3s- Brian Shirley[1]; 3. 91- Tyler Erb[3]; 4. 25- Shane Clanton[10]; 5. 28E- Dennis Erb Jr[11]; 6. 22*- G.R. Smith[9]; 7. 116- Brandon Overton [8]; 8. 18- Eric Wells[6]; 9. 1- Brandon Sheppard[17]; 10. 18c-Chase Junghans [5]; 11. 7- Rick Eckert[18]; 12. 14M- Morgan Bagley[12];13. 72- Mike Norris[16]; 14. 7F-Jason Fitzgarald[7]; 15. 99B-Boom Briggs[13]; 16. 9- Devin Moran[19]; 17. 2c-Joey Coulter[23]; 18. 0v- Coleby Frye[14]; 19. 39- Tim McCreadie[21]; 20. 99jr- Frank Heckenast Jr[20]; 21. 1*- Chub Frank[2]; 22. 15- Steve Francis[22]; 23. 40B- Kyle Bronson[15]; 24. 93- Donald Bradsher[24]

Volusia Speedway Park

Jason Johnson takes flight and wins the WoO opener! Nick Hoffman doubles up in Mods!

BARBERVILLE, FL – February 18, 2017 - Jason Johnson made a grand entrance into 2017 Friday night, winning the World of Outlaws Craftsman® Sprint Car Series opener at the 46th Annual DIRTcar Nationals. Johnson, whose 2016 season was highlighted by a Knoxville Nationals victory, took home his first Gator and a $10,000 purse.

“Yeah, 365 days later we start the season off in the best case scenario,” said Johnson, rehashing on his team’s troubles last season. “It’s a long season, and you need to condition for it. My little [Jaxx] on FaceTime over there… he and my wife mean the world to me, and I wish he could be here for the win. [The win] is huge for our operation, for our team, for the people working on this team and for my self-confidence.”

For Johnson’s four World of Outlaws wins last season, Johnson brought his son up on stage to wave their index finger in the air symbolizing “No.1.” This time Johnson scaled the wing of his No. 41 Priority Aviation Services, LLC/ Mesilla Valley Transportation Maxim car solo, but dropped back down to high-fives and hugs from his crew. Johnson, who was involved in a horrific wreck earlier in the week, opted to withdraw from the All-Star Circuit of Champions finale Thursday night.  But one day later, consistently bested 35 other cars on sprint car racing’s biggest stage.

Johnson started on the outside of the first row for the 30-lap feature event. Where he started, is where he stayed. Johnson – continuing to stay on-top of the wheel and high on the track – darted to the front within the first lap. Sweet followed Johnson to the front but from the bottom. The first of three cautions came on the third lap, when David Gravel suffered from more mechanical failures. Notably, Gravel raced nearly 80 races without blowing a motor heading into this year’s DIRTcar Nationals. The caution regrouped the field, giving Sweet the opportunity to recreate last season’s season opener with a win.

“I’ll tell you what, I really thought we were going to have something there for Jason,” Sweet said. “I had to [eventually] move to the top but Johnson set a really torrid pace out there. He did it, so hats-off to him. We have two more nights so hopefully we can end up where he is.”

Sweet swapped spots with Brian Brown throughout the race, but in the final two laps swiftly moved passed him on the front straightaway. Brown forfeited third to a red-hot Christopher Bell, who rounded-out the podium. Bell not only beat Johnson in the dash, but also set the night’s quick time with a 13.121.

“I kind of struggled on starts and restarts there,” said Bell, who led the feature field into the green flag. “Mistakes on my part for starts and restarts, but this thing is really fast. It’s a great machine to drive. Thank you Tony [Stewart] for letting me come out and have some fun.”

From the victory, Johnson leads the points championship for the first time in his career. As Sweet alluded to, Johnson’s aggressive driving style opened up the “World’s Fastest Half-Mile” for him. Earlier in the program, Johnson qualified third but claimed his stake for a Gator in the third heat. His car weaved in-and-around series newcomer Brent Marks. Though he was in a transfer spot, Johnson did not let off the gas.

He went on to start fourth in the Craftsman Club Dash and finish second after yet another battle – with Brown. Brown’s uncle and crew member, 2001 Series Champion Danny Lasoski, is the most winningest sprint car driver at Volusia Speedway Park. He is scheduled to compete predominantly with the Outlaws, though it will not be full-time.

Series veteran Jason Sides set the pace early in the program, recording the quickest time in hot laps of 13.602. Sides went on to set quick-time in qualifying – putting him in position to “Double Down” as his nickname suggests – but the time only stood until Bell knocked him off with 15 drivers remaining. Ultimately, four out of the five top-qualifiers were series regulars. Three regulars finished the night in the Top-five.

Volusia Speedway Park Notebook

RACE NOTES:Jason Johnson collects his first win of the season Friday night, beating fellow series regular Brad Sweet by a 3.553-second margin. Sweet and Brian Brown battled nearly the entire 30 laps, until quick-timer Cristopher Bell made a last-minute moved to knock Brown off the podium.

CONTINGENCY WINNERS: MSD Ignitions ($25 cash): Jacob Allen; MSD Ignitions ($50 cash): Jason Johnson; Penske Shocks ($50 cash): Kerry Madsen; JE Pistons ($50 cash): Daryn Pittman; VP Racing Fuels ($50 cash): Joey Saldana; Edelbrock ($50 cash): Joey Saldana; Comp Cams ($50 cash): Joey Saldana; Morton Buildings ($50 cash): Joey Saldana; Super Flow ($50 cash): Kraig Kinser; Craftsman Club Fast Five ($100 cash): Jason Johnson, Jason Sides, Brad Sweet, Daryn Pittman, Brent Marks;Craftsman/Sears: Christopher Bell; KSE Hard Charger: Chad Kemenah; Comp Cams ($50 product certificate): Jason Johnson; JE Pistons (Set of Rings): Brent Marks; JE Pistons (Set of Rings): Jason Sides

SEASON WINNERS: Jason Johnson – 1 (Volusia Speedway Park on Feb. 17)

World of Outlaws Craftsman® Sprint Car Series Statistical Report; Volusia Speedway Park, Fla.; Feb. 18, 2017

A-Main - (30 Laps) - 1. 41-Jason Johnson [2] [$10,000]; 2. 49-Brad Sweet [5] [$5,500]; 3. 14-Christopher Bell [1] [$3,200]; 4. 21-Brian Brown [3] [$2,800]; 5. 9-Daryn Pittman [7] [$2,500]; 6. 49X-Tim Shaffer [9] [$2,300]; 7. 10H-Chad Kemenah [20] [$2,200]; 8. 24R-Rico Abreu [13] [$2,100]; 9. 2M-Kerry Madsen [14] [$2,050]; 10. 18-Ian Madsen [6] [$2,000]; 11. 13JT-Mark Dobmeier [11] [$1,500]; 12. 17-Joey Saldana [15] [$1,200]; 13. 1-Dale Blaney [24] [$1,100]; 14. 15-Donny Schatz [16] [$1,050]; 15. 11K-Kraig Kinser [17] [$1,000]; 16. 19-Brent Marks [8] [$900]; 17. 13D-Danny Dietrich [23] [$800]; 18. 4-Paul McMahan [10] [$800]; 19. 87-Aaron Reutzel [19] [$800]; 20. 5W-Lucas Wolfe [18] [$800]; 21. 7S-Jason Sides [4] [$800]; 22. 27-Greg Hodnett [12] [$800]; 23. 2-Shane Stewart [21] [$800]; 24. 1A-Jacob Allen [25]; 25. 5-David Gravel [22] [$800]; Lap Leaders: Jason Johnson 1-30; KSE Hard Charger Award: 10H-Chad Kemenah [+13]

Qualifying - 1. 14-Christopher Bell, 13.121; 2. 5-David Gravel, 13.126; 3. 41-Jason Johnson, 13.161; 4. 7S-Jason Sides, 13.223; 5. 49-Brad Sweet, 13.247; 6. 18-Ian Madsen, 13.262; 7. 1S-Logan Schuchart, 13.296; 8. 9-Daryn Pittman, 13.298; 9. 24R-Rico Abreu, 13.306; 10. 5W-Lucas Wolfe, 13.312; 11. 19-Brent Marks, 13.314; 12. 10H-Chad Kemenah, 13.318; 13. 49X-Tim Shaffer, 13.340; 14. 21-Brian Brown, 13.345; 15. 13JT-Mark Dobmeier, 13.352; 16. 27-Greg Hodnett, 13.395; 17. 11K-Kraig Kinser, 13.413; 18. 2M-Kerry  Madsen, 13.431; 19. 13D-Danny Dietrich, 13.446; 20. 2-Shane Stewart, 13.448; 21. 1-Dale Blaney, 13.460; 22. 4-Paul McMahan, 13.464; 23. 17-Joey Saldana, 13.501; 24. 15-Donny Schatz, 13.510; 25. 24-Terry McCarl, 13.521; 26. 93-Sheldon Haudenschild, 13.537; 27. 87-Aaron Reutzel, 13.555; 28. 1A-Jacob Allen, 13.573; 29. W20-Greg Wilson, 13.590; 30. 17X-Caleb Helms, 13.610; 31. 59H-Justin Henderson, 13.691; 32. 7W-Tasker Phillips, 13.774; 33. 13-Clyde Knipp, 13.891; 34. 59S-Ben Schmidt, 13.915; 35. 2X-Parker Price-Miller, 13.916; 36. O7-Jacob Wilson, 14.016

Heat 1 -  (8 Laps - Top 5 finishers transfer to the A-feature) - 1. 49-Brad Sweet [2] ; 2. 14-Christopher Bell [1] ; 3. 49X-Tim Shaffer [4] ; 4. 24R-Rico Abreu [3] ; 5. 11K-Kraig Kinser [5] ; 6. W20-Greg Wilson [8] ; 7. 1-Dale Blaney [6] ; 8. 24-Terry McCarl [7] ; 9. 13-Clyde Knipp [9]

Heat 2 -  (8 Laps - Top 5 finishers transfer to the A-feature) - 1. 18-Ian Madsen [2] ; 2. 21-Brian Brown [4] ; 3. 4-Paul McMahan [6] ; 4. 2M-Kerry Madsen [5] ; 5. 5W-Lucas Wolfe [3] ; 6. 93-Sheldon Haudenschild [7] ; 7. 17X-Caleb Helms [8] ; 8. 59S-Ben Schmidt [9] ; 9. 5-David Gravel [1]

Heat 3 -  (8 Laps - Top 5 finishers transfer to the A-feature) - 1. 41-Jason Johnson [1] ; 2. 19-Brent Marks [3] ; 3. 13JT-Mark Dobmeier [4] ; 4. 17-Joey Saldana [6] ; 5. 87-Aaron Reutzel [7] ; 6. 59H-Justin Henderson [8] ; 7. 13D-Danny Dietrich [5] ; 8. 2X-Parker Price-Miller [9] ; 9. 1S-Logan Schuchart [2]

Heat 4 -  (8 Laps - Top 5 finishers transfer to the A-feature) - 1. 7S-Jason Sides [1] ; 2. 9-Daryn Pittman [2] ; 3. 27-Greg Hodnett [4] ; 4. 15-Donny Schatz [6] ; 5. 10H-Chad Kemenah [3] ; 6. 2-Shane Stewart [5] ; 7. 7W-Tasker Phillips [8] ; 8. 1A-Jacob Allen [7] ; 9. O7-Jacob Wilson [9]

Craftsman Club Dash - (6 Laps, finishing order determined first 8 starting positions of A-feature) -  1. 14-Christopher Bell [2] ; 2. 41-Jason Johnson [4] ; 3. 21-Brian Brown [1] ; 4. 7S-Jason Sides [3] ; 5. 49-Brad Sweet [6] ; 6. 18-Ian Madsen [5] ; 7. 9-Daryn Pittman [8] ; 8. 19-Brent Marks [7]

B-Main -  (12 Laps - Top 4 finishers transfer to the A-feature) - 1. 2-Shane Stewart [4] [-]; 2. 5-David Gravel [1] [-]; 3. 13D-Danny Dietrich [3] [-]; 4. 1-Dale Blaney [5] [-]; 5. 59H-Justin Henderson [11] [$300]; 6. 17X-Caleb Helms [10] [$250]; 7. W20-Greg Wilson [9] [$225]; 8. 93-Sheldon Haudenschild [7] [$200]; 9. 59S-Ben Schmidt [14] [$200]; 10. 1A-Jacob Allen [8] [$200]; 11. 2X-Parker Price-Miller [15] [$200]; 12. 7W-Tasker Phillips [12] [$200]; 13. 24-Terry McCarl [6] [$200]; 14. 13-Clyde Knipp [13] [$200]; 15. 1S-Logan Schuchart [2] [$200]; 16. O7-Jacob Wilson [16] [$200]


DIRTcar UMP Modifieds

BARBERVILLE, FL - February 18, 2017 - Nick Hoffman darted past Robbie Eilers on the opening lap and turned in a dominating 20-lap performance in the main event for his second UMP Modified win of the 46th Annual DIRTcar Nationals at Volusia Speedway Park on Friday night.
Hoffman, a Mooresville, NC native, was perfect all night long. He turned in his second perfect night of the week after he set quick time overall in qualifying before winning his heat race and capped the night with a main event victory.
Eilers of Highland, Ill. started on the pole, but Hoffman dove past him on the bottom of the first two corners and never looked back on his way to the victory.
"Rolling out on to the track before the feature, I knew I would be pretty dialed in," Hoffman said.
"Robbie just buried it into [turn] one a little too deep and missed the bottom on the first lap. I drove by him by the center and led every lap. It was really good and after that I just made sure to hit my marks."
On lap 12, Hoffman raced his way into lapped traffic and had to negotiate slower cars. It was a short challenge though, as a caution on lap 14 granted Hoffman a clean racetrack for the final six laps.
Hoffman's teammate, Willie Krup of Mount Carmel, Ill., used the restart to take second from Eilers and then sustained the runner-up spot for his first podium finish this week.
"If I could hit the bottom without the water being out there [in turn three], we were pretty decent," Krup said. "All in all, it was a pretty good run for us. I've had a fast car all week, I just haven't gotten the good finishes yet."
Krup had one final opportunity to steal a win from his teammate when the second and final caution waved for a spin on lap 19 just before Hoffman could take the checkered flag. However, Hoffman wouldn't be denied as he drove to victory by over two seconds following the restart.
"The way it went all night, I knew if I just hit the bottom and didn't miss it, I'd be fine," Hoffman explained. "It was pretty nerve-wracking riding around during that caution thinking something might break."
Eilers maintained the third spot for his first top-five finish of the week. Rounding out the top-five were Trent Young of Crofton, Ky. and Jacob Hawkins of Fairmont, WV.
"It's fun here. This is our first trip here," Eilers said. "It's Ty Dillon's old car. The car is familiar with the track, just not me. I think this is good for our first time here."
Hoffman now enters the weekend of split qualifying nights for Monday's $5,000-to-win event on a high as the only driver with a pair of Gator trophies this week.
"It's definitely a confidence booster," Hoffman said. "The biggest thing is to make sure you get through the heat race, don't run into anybody and try to keep all four tires inflated."
Krup, Eilers, Devin Dixon of Apollo Beach, Fla., Taylor Cook of Stanley, NC, and David Stremme of South Bend, Ind. were also heat race winners. Matt Crafton of Tulara, Cali., Tyler Clem of St.Petersburg, Fla. and Justin Allgaier of Riverton, Ill. claimed B-Main victories.

The DIRTcar UMP Modifieds return to action on Saturday night for the first of two qualifying nights for Monday's $5,000-to-win show. They join the World of Outlaws Craftsman® Sprint Car Series for the second straight night. Additional event information is available at www.dirtcarnationals.com.

46th Annual DIRTcar Nationals at Volusia Speedway Park

DIRTcar UMP Modified Notebook - February 17, 2017

A-Main - (20 Laps) - 1. 2 - Nick Hoffman [3]; 2. K9 - Will Krup [4]; 3. 3E - Robbie Eilers [1]; 4. 10Y - Trent Young [7]; 5. 13 - Jacob Hawkins [11]; 6. 35 - David Stremme [6]; 7. 49 - Brian Ruhlman [9]; 8. 58 - Devin Dixon [5]; 9. 90 - Jason Beaulieu [13]; 10. 78 - Rich Pratt [14]; 11. 77 - Ray Bollinger [23]; 12. 8 -Kyle Strickler [26]; 13. 65 - Josh Rice [27]; 14. 2 - Jonathan Taylor [2]; 15. 12 - Tyler Nicely [12] 16. 14T - Tyler Clem [20]; 17. 36 - Kenny Wallace [15]; 18. 98F - Derek Fisher [8]; 19. 17T - Tyler Evans [25]; 20. 72 - Todd Neiheiser [10]; 21. 21C - Taylor Cook [16]; 22. 28BX - Robert Garnes [28]; 23. 24Z - Zeke McKenzie [18]; 24. D4 - Dave Jamison [22]; 25. 7 - Justin Allgaier [21]; 26. 2X4 - Chase Collins [24]; 27. 88 - Matt Crafton [19]; 28. 45J - Johnny Broking [17].

Qualifying Group 1 - 1. 10Y-Trent Young, 18.850; 2. 88-Matt Crafton, 18.990; 3. 90-Jason Beaulieu, 19.030; 4. 58-Devin Dixon, 19.133; 5. 17T-Tyler Evans, 19.574; 6. 22T-Tony Anderson, 19.613; 7. Z06-Larry Mott, 19.613; 8. 98-Shon Flanary, 19.714; 9. 12K-Scotty Kincaid, 19.943; 10. 1B-Brad Hall, 20.039; 11. 11T-Dugan Thye, 20.885; 12. 17A-Charles O'Neal, 23.359.

Qualifying Group 2 - 1. 18-Jason Intoppa, 19.189; 2. 98F-Derek Fisher, 19.227; 3. D4-Dave Jamieson, 19.236; 4. 5-Jonathan Taylor, 19.469; 5. 8A-Austin Holcombe, 19.577; 6. 78-Rich Pratt, 19.677; 7. 25B-Shawn Beasley, 20.000; 8. 9G-Ernie Gingerick, 20.080; 9. 2J-Troy Johnson, 20.170; 10. 01-Jared Spalding, 20.560; 11. 05-David Wietholder, 21.439.

Qualifying Group 3 - 1. 36-Kenny Wallace, 18.501; 2. 49-Brian Ruhlman, 18.753; 3. 14T-Tyler Clem, 18.917; 4. K9-Will Krup, 18.944; 5. 17JE-J.E. Stalder, 19.106; 6. 2M-David Mitchell, 19.249; 7. 11N-Gene Nicholas, 19.447; 8. 71M-Shayne Meadows, 19.926; 9. 23G-Robbie Gates, 19.993; 10. 89W-Rick Weitekamp, 20.948; 11. 76-Layton Norris, 21.839.

Qualifying Group 4 - 1. 2-Nick Hoffman, 18.417; 2. 21C-Taylor Cook, 18.553; 3. 54-Larry Burkins, 18.723; 4. 72-Todd Neiheiser, 19.070; 5. 77-Ray Bollinger, 19.129; 6. 9-Ken Schrader, 19.160; 7. 3L-Jeff Leka, 19.346; 8. 8-Kyle Strickler, 19.685; 9. 07-Jeff Thomas, 19.907; 10. 71T-Brent Thompson, 20.226; 11. 00-Will Norris, 20.370.

Qualifying Group 5 - 1. 7-Justin Allgaier, 19.069; 2. 45J-Johnny Broking, 19.113; 3. 13-Jacob Hawkins, 19.127; 4. 3E-Robbie Eilers, 19.185; 5. 33-Jeff Mathews, 19.274; 6. 4-Mike Learman, 19.734; 7. 7S-Paul Shead, 19.745; 8. 28BX-Robert Grimes, 19.828; 9. 1-Blake Spalding, 19.870; 10. 6B-Dave Baldwin, 19.896; 11. 6-Dylan Browning, 20.203.

Qualifying Group 6 - 1. 28B-Jason Brookover, 18.834; 2. 25-Tyler Nicely, 19.010; 3. 24Z-Zeke McKenzie, 19.148; 4. 35-David Stremme, 19.219; 5. 2x4-Chase Collins, 19.299; 6. 67-Garrett Stewart, 19.340; 7. 65-Josh Rice, 19.422; 8. 9S-Slater McCray, 19.675; 9. 64JR-Billy Workman Jr., 19.703; 10. 71-Jessie Hoskins, 20.460; 11. 96J-Matt Johnson, 21.292.

Heat 1 (8 Laps - Top 3 finishers transfer to A-Feature, Winner Redraws) - 1. 58-Devin Dixon [1]; 2. 10Y-Trent Young [4]; 3. 90-Jason Beaulieu [2]; 4. 88-Matt Crafton [3]; 5. 17T-Tyler Evans [5]; 6. 22T-Tony Anderson [6]; 7. 98-Shon Flanary [8]; 8. 12K-Scotty Kincaid [9]; 9. Z06-Larry Mott [7]; 10. 11T-Dugan Thye [11]; 11. 17A-Charles O'Neal [12]; 12. 1B-Brad Hall [10].

Heat 2 (8 Laps - Top 3 finishers transfer to A-Feature, Winner Redraws)- 1. 5-Jonathan Taylor [1]; 2. 98F-Derek Fischer [3]; 3. 78-Rich Pratt [6]; 4. D4-Dave Jamieson [2]; 5. 25B-Shawn Beasley [7]; 6. 8A-Austin Holcombe [5]; 7. 01-Jared Spalding [10]; 8. 9G-Ernie Gingerich [8]; 9. 2J-Troy Johnson [9], 10. 18I-Jason Intoppa [DNS]; 11. 05-David Wietholder [DNS].

Heat 3 (8 Laps - Top 3 finishers transfer to A-Feature, Winner Redraws) - 1. K9-Willy Krup [1]; 2. 49-Brian Ruhlman [3]; 3. 36-Kenny Wallace [4]; 4. 14T-Tyler Clem [2]; 5. 17JE-J.E. Stalder [5]; 6. 23G-Robbie Gates [9]; 7. 71M-Shayne Meadows [8]; 8. 2M-David Mitchell [6]; 9. 89W-Rick Weitekamp [10]; 10. 76-Layton Norris [11].

Heat 4 (8 Laps - Top 3 finishers transfer to A-Feature, Winner Redraws) - 1. 2-Nick Hoffman [4]; 2. 72-Todd Neiheiser [1]; 3. 21C-Taylor Cook [3]; 4. 77-Ray Bollinger [5]; 5. 3L-Jeff Leka [7]; 6. 8-Kyle Strickler [8]; 7. 9-Ken Schrader [6]; 8. 71T-Brent Thompson [10]; 9. 07-Jeff Thomas [9]; 10. 00-Will Norris [11]; 11. 54-Larry Burkins [2].

Heat 5 (8 Laps - Top 3 finishers transfer to A-Feature, Winner Redraws) - 1. 3E-Robbie Eilers [1]; 2. 13-Jacob Hawkins [2]; 3. 45J-Johnny Broking [3]; 4. 7-Justin Allgaier [4]; 5. 33-Jeff Mathews [5]; 6. 4-Mike Learman [6]; 7. 28BX-Robert Garnes [8]; 8. 1-Blake Spalding [9]; 9. 7S-Paul Shead [9]; 10. 6B-Dave Baldwin [10]; 11. 6-Dylan Browning [11].

Heat 6 (8 Laps - Top 3 finishers transfer to A-Feature, Winner Redraws) - 1. 35-David Stremme [1]; 2. 25-Tyler Nicely [3]; 3. 24Z-Zeke McKenzie [2]; 4. 2x4-Chase Collins [5]; 5. 65-Josh Rice [7]; 6. 67-Garrett Stewart [6]; 7. 64JR-Billy Workman Jr. [9]; 8. 9S-Slater McCray [8]; 9. 71-Jesse Hoskins [10]; 10. 96J-Matt Johnson [11]; 11. 28B-Jason Brookover [4].

B-Main 1 - (10 Laps, Top 3 finishers transfer to A-Feature) - 1. 88-Matt Crafton [1]; 2. D4-Matt Jamieson [2]; 3. 17T-Tyler Evans [3]; 4. 98-Shon Flanery [7]; 5. 22T-Tony Anderson [5]; 6. 12K-Scotty Kincaid [9]; 7. 01-Jared Spalding [8]; 8. 9G-Ernie Gingerich [10]; 9. 11T-Dugan Thye [13]; 10. 2J-Troy Johnson [12]; 11. Z06-Larry Mott [11]; 12. 17A-Charles O'Neal [15]; 13. 25B-Shawn Beasley [4]; 14. 8A-Austin Holcombe [6]; 15. 18I-Jason Intoppa [14]; 16. 05-David Weitholder [16]; 17. 1B-Brad Hall [17].

B-Main 2 - (10 Laps, Top 3 finishers transfer to Feature) - 1. 14-Tyler Clem [1]; 2. 77-Ray Bollinger [2]; 3. 8-Kyle Strickler [6]; 4. 3L-Jeff Leka [4]; 5. 9-Ken Schrader [8]; 6. 54-Larry Burkins [16]; 7. 71M-Shayne Meadows [7]; 8. 71T-Brent Thompson [10]; 9. 07-Jeff Thomas [12]; 10. 00-Will Norris [14]; 11. 2M-David Mitchell [9]; 12. 89W-Rick Weitekamp [11]; 13. 76-Layton Norris [13]; 14. 17JE-J.E. Stalder [3]; 15. 23G-Robbie Gates; 16. 11N-Gene Nicholas [DNS].

B-Main 3 - (10 Laps, Top 3 finishers transfer to Feature) - 1. 7-Justin Allgaier [1]; 2. 2x4-Chase Collins; 3. 65-Josh Rice [4]; 4. 28BX-Robert Garnes [7]; 5. 67-Garrett Stewart [6]; 6. 64JR-Billy Workman Jr. [8]; 7. 7S-Paul Shead [11]; 8. 33-Jeff Mathews [3]; 9. 9S-Slater McCray [10]; 10. 4-Mike Learman [5]; 11. 71-Jessie Hoskins [12]; 12. 28B-Jason Brookover [14]; 13. 6-Dylan Browning [15]; 14. 6B-Dave Baldwin [13]; 15. 1-Blake Spalding [9]; 16. 96J-Matt Johnson [14].

Volusia Speedway Park

Ruhlman Rallies for Second Career Gator Win ... Gravel wins All Star Race!

By Clayton Johns

BARBERVILLE, FL – February 17, 2017 – Brian Ruhlman devised a perfect plot and forced Ken Schrader from his preferred line as he engineered a pass in the outside groove with two laps to go for his first win of the 46th Annual DIRTcar Nationals at Volusia Speedway Park on Thursday night.

After passing Schrader, the Clarklake, Mich. driver took the checkered flag by over two seconds for his second career Volusia win, extending his point lead in the week long chase for a Big Gator trophy.

Ruhlman started fourth in the 20-lap main event and ran second to the polesitter Schrader until he took advantage of a lap 17 restart. Ruhlman showed the nose of his No.49 to the inside of Schrader’s No.9 several times before the final restart on lap 17, which he revealed was a setup move to make the winning pass.

“Kenny’s a smart racer and he’s one of my heroes,” Ruhlman said in Victory Lane. “He was in the rubber and I had to get him out of the rubber to where I could pass him. I kept showing him the nose on the bottom so he would move down to the bottom, then I could roll the top [lane]. To say I shnookered Kenny Schrader is pretty cool.”

Schrader, a Fenton, Mo. native, earned his first top-five finish of the week, outdueling Tuesday night winner and second-place starter Jacob Hawkins of Fairmont, WV in the process. Schrader shook off Ruhlman’s initial challenge, but knew he couldn’t hold him off until the checkered flag.

“I knew he was coming,” Schrader said. “We started getting slow off of [turn] two. I got to the bottom to block him, but it didn’t make any difference. He was faster. He was going around.”

Hawkins’ third-place finish was his second of the week on the podium and third straight top-10 result. He held off a trio of late-race challenges from Taylor Cook of Stanley, NC to earn the third spot.

“Once Brian got by me I knew he was going to be tough to beat,” Hawkins said. “We had a good car, but Schrader got the jump on me on the start. I could maintain with him, but the closer I got, the more it seemed the [dirty] air affected by car.”

Ruhlman’s quick time on Tuesday night and trio of heat race wins have put him at the front of the starting grid all week and have helped produce consistent results. He enters the weekend as the UMP Modified point leader after finishes of first, second and third so far this week, but the driver of the No.49 isn’t looking at the standings.

“We’re just taking it night by night. We’re so proud to have our luck go the way it has,” Ruhlman said. “It’s just me and my girlfriend, Veronica. It’s just a small team here. To hang around with Kenny Wallace, Kenny Schrader and all the people here is just really cool.”

Nick Hoffman of Mooresville, NC set quick time in group time trials for the second straight race with a lap of 18.498 seconds. Ruhlman, Schrader and Hawkins were all heat race winners along with Tony Anderson of Lima, Oh., Justin Allgaier of Riverton, Ill. and Josh Rice of Verona, Ky. Ray Bollinger of Kewanee, Ill., Chase Collins of Jacksonville, Fla. and Hoffman earned wins in the B-Mains.

The DIRTcar UMP Modifieds return to action alongside the season opener for the World of Outlaws Craftsman® Sprint Car Series at Volusia Speedway Park for night four of the 46th Annual DIRTcar Nationals on Friday.

46th Annual DIRTcar Nationals at Volusia Speedway Park

DIRTcar UMP Modified Notebook

A-Main – (20 Laps) – 1. 49 – Brian Ruhlman [4]; 2. 9 – Ken Schrader [1]; 3. 13 -Jacob Hawkins [2]; 4. 21C – Taylor Cook [8]; 5. 36 – Kenny Wallace [9]; 6. 2 – Nick Hoffman [21]; 7. 7 – Justin Allgaier [5]; 8. 3E – Robbie Eilers [7]; 9. 65 – Josh Rice [6]; 10. 45J – Johnny Broking [14]; 11. K9 – Will Krup [13]; 12. 64JR -Billy Workman Jr [10]; 13. 22T – Tony Anderson [3]; 14. 77 – Ray Bollinger [19]; 15. 25 -Tyler Nicely [23]; 16. 58 -Devin Dixon [18]; 17. 14T – Tyler Clem [11]; 18. 98 – Shon Flanary [26]; 19. 10Y – Trent Young [28]; 20. 3L – Jeff Leka [25]; 21. 72 -Todd Neiheiser [24]; 22. 54 – Larry Burkins [12]; 23. 2X4 – Chase Collins [20]; 24. 35 – David Stremme [15]; 25. 88 – Matt Crafton [22]; 26. 11N – Gene Nicholas [27]; 27. 1 – Blake Spalding [17]; 28. 33 – Jeff Matthews [16].

Qualifying Group 1 – 1. K9-Will Krup, 18.692; 2. 3E-Robbie Eilers, 18.811; 3. 49-Brian Ruhlman, 18.819; 4. 5-Jonathan Taylor, 19.127; 5. 88-Matt Crafton, 19.411; 6. 17JE-J.E. Stalder, 19.421;7. 83-Ray Ciccarelli, 19.639; 8. 2J-Troy Johnson, 19.667; 9. 6-Dylan Browning, 20.097; 10. 23G-Robbie Gates, 20.307.

Qualifying Group 2 – 1. 45J-Johnny Broking, 18.858; 2. 21C-Taylor Cook, 18.958; 3. 4-Mike Learman, 19.085; 4. 22T-Tony Anderson, 19.166; 5. 77-Ray Bollinger, 19.193; 6. 3L-Jeff Leka, 19.196; 7. 10Y-Trent Young, 19.352; 8. 8A-Austin Holcombe, 19.855; 9. 9G-Ernie Gingerich, 20.042; 10. 2M-David Mitchell, 20.251.

Qualifying Group 3 – 1. 36-Kenny Wallace, 18.813; 2. 2×4-Chase Collins, 19.161; 3. 7-Justin Allgaier, 19.163; 4. 35-David Stremme, 19.191; 5. 25-Tyler Nicely, 19.255; 6. 90-Jason Beaulieu, 19.306; 7. 9S-Slater McCray, 19.456; 8. 67-Garrett Stewart, 19.501; 9. 8-Kyle Strickler, 20.147; 10. 00-Will Norris, 21.697.

Qualifying Group 4 – 1. 24Z-Zeke McKenzie, 19.285; 2. 98-Shon Flanary, 19.383; 3. 33-Jeff Mathews, 19.390; 4. 64JR-Billy Workman Jr., 19.409; 5. 17T-Tyler Evans, 19.492; 6. 01-Jared Spalding, 19.606; 7. 07-Jeff Thomas, 19.615; 8. 13-Jacob Hawkins, 19.758; 9. 89W-Rick Weitekamp, 19.866; 10. 71T-Brent Thompson, 19.883.

Qualifying Group 5 – 1. 2-Nick Hoffman, 18.498; 2. 14T-Tyler Clem, 19.080; 3. 28B-Jason Brookover, 19.326; 4. 1-Blake Spalding, 19.593; 5. 12K-Scott Kincaid, 19.600; 6. 65-Josh Rice, 19.641; 7. 25B-Shawn Beasley, 19.684; 8. 43-Kyle Schmidt, 19.755; 9. 6B-Dave Baldwin, 20.196; 10. 23 Ryan Cripe, 20.209.

Qualifying Group 6 – 1. 54-Larry Burkins, 19.011; 2. 72-Todd Neiheiser, 19.034; 3. 9-Ken Schrader, 19.168; 4. 58-Devin Dixon, 19.304; 5. 11N-Gene Nicholas, 19.519; 6. Z06-Larry Mott, 19.596; 7. 71M-Shayne Meadows, 20.123; 8. 71-Jessie Hoskins, 20.430; 9. 96J-Matt Johnson, 21.913; 10. D4-Dave Jamieson, No Time.

Heat 1 (8 Laps – Top 3 Transfer, Winner Redraws) – 1. 49-Brian Ruhlman [2]; 2. 3E-Robbie Eilers [3], 3. K9-Will Krup [4]; 4. 5-Jonathan Taylor [1]; 5. 88-Matt Crafton [5]; 6. 17JE-J.E. Stalder [6], 7. 83-Ray Ciccarelli [7]; 8. 2J-Troy Johnson [8]; 9. 23G-Robbie Gates [10]; 10. 6-Dylan Browning [9].

Heat 2 (8 Laps – Top 3 Transfer, Winner Redraws) – 1. 22T-Tony Anderson [1]; 2. 21C-Taylor Cook [3]; 3. 45J-Johnny Broking [4]; 4. 77-Ray Bollinger [5]; 5. 10Y-Trent Young [7]; 6. 3L-Jeff Leka [6]; 7. 4-Mike Learman [2]; 8. 8A-Austin Holcombe [8]; 9. 2M-David Mitchell [10]; 10. 9G-Ernie Gingerich [9].

Heat 3 (8 Laps – Top 3 Transfer, Winner Redraws) – 1. 7-Justin Allgaier [2]; 2. 36-Kenny Wallace [4]; 3. 35-David Stremme [1]; 4. 2×4-Chase Collins [3]; 5. 90-Jason Beaulieu [6]; 6. 25-Tyler Nicely [5]; 7. 67-Garrett Stewart [8]; 8. 8-Kyle Strickler [9]; 9. 9S-Slater McCray [7]; 10. 00-Will Norris [10].

Heat 4 (8 Laps – Top 3 Transfer, Winner Redraws) – 1. 13-Jacob Hawkins [8]; 2. 64JR-Billy Workman Jr. [1]; 3. 33-Jeff Mathews [2]; 4. 24Z-Zeke McKenzie [4]; 5. 98-Shon Flanary [3]; 6. 17T-Tyler Evans [5]; 7. 01-Jared Spalding [6]; 8. 71T-Brent Thompson [10]; 9. 89W-Rick Weitekamp [9]; 10. 07-Jeff Thomas [7].

Heat 5 (8 Laps – Top 3 Transfer, Winner Redraws) – 1. 65-Josh Rice [6]; 2. 14T-Tyler Clem [3]; 3. 1-Blake Spalding [1]; 4. 28B-Jason Brookover [2]; 5. 12K-Scotty Kincaid [5]; 6. 25B-Shawn Beasley [7]; 7. 6B-Dave Baldwin [9]; 8. 23-Ryan Cripe [10]; 9. 43-Kyle Schmidt [8]; 10. 2-Nick Hoffman [4].

Heat 6 (8 Laps – Top 3 Transfer, Winner Redraws) – 1. 9-Ken Schrader [2]; 2. 54-Larry Burkins [4]; 3. 58-Devin Dixon [1]; 4. 72-Todd Neiheiser [3]; 5. 11N-Gene Nicholas [5]; 6. 71-Jessie Hoskins [8]; 7. D4-Dave Jamieson [10]; 8. 71M-Shayne Meadows [7]; 9. Z06-Larry Mott [6]; 10. 96J-Matt Johnson [9].

B-Main 1 – (10 Laps, Top 3 finishers transfer to Feature) – 1.77- Ray Bollinger [2]; 2. 88 – Matt Crafton [3]; 3. 3L – Jeff Leka [6]; 4. 10Y – Trent Young [4]; 5. Mike Learman [8]; 6. 8A – Austin Holcombe [10]; 7. Troy Johnson [9]; 8. Jonathan Taylor [1]; 9. 23G – Robbie Gates [11]; 10. Dylan Browning [13]; 11. 2M – David Mitchell [12]; 12. 17JE – J.E. Stalder [5]; 13. 9G – Ernie Gingerich [14]; 14. 83 – Ray Ciccrelli [7].

B-Main 2 – (10 Laps, Top 3 finishers transfer to Feature) – 1. 2X4 – Chase Collins [1]; 2. 25 – Tyler Nicely [5] 3. 98 – Shon Flanary [4]; 4. 90 – Jason Beaulieu [3]; 5. 24Z – Zeke McKenzie [2]; 6. 67 – Garrett Stewart [7]; 7. 8 – Kyle Strickler [9]; 8. 17T – Tyler Evans [6]; 9. 9S Slater McCray [13]; 10. 01- Jared Spalding [8]; 11. 71T – Brent Thompson [10]; 12. 00 – Will Norris [13]; 13. 89W – Rick Weitekamp [12]; 14. 07 – Jeff Thomas [14];

B-Main 3 – (10 Laps, Top 3 finishers transfer to Feature) – 1. 2 – Nick Hoffman [13]; 2. 72 – Todd Neiheiser [2]; 3. 11N – Gene Nicholas [4]; 4. 28B – Jason Brookover [1]; 5. 25B – Shawn Beasley [5]; 6. 71 – Jesse Hoskins [6]; 7. 6B – Dave Baldwin [7]; 8. D4 – Dave Jamison [8]; 9. 12K Scotty Kincaid [3]; 10. 71M – Shayne Meadows [10]; 11. 96J – Matt Johnson [14]; 12. 23 – Ryan Cripe [9]; 13. 06Z – Larry Mott [12]; 14. 43 – Kyle Schmidt [13].


Artic Cat All Star Sprint Car Series

BARBERVILLE, FL (February 16, 2017) - For the first time in his young career, Watertown, Connecticut’s David Gravel is a main event winner in the Sunshine State, capturing the Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions DIRTcar Nationals finale at the Volusia Speedway Park near Barberville, Florida. The victory, the third of his career during Arctic Cat All Star competition and his first since 2012, was conducted in near-demanding fashion; holding back Donny Schatz and Brad Sweet to lead all 30 circuits around the Volusia Speedway Park half-mile.

“This is definitely awesome,” David Gravel stated in victory lane. “I’ve never got to win in Florida and I’ve never got to win one of these gator trophies, so this is definitely cool. I have to thank all of the guys on the team; Barry, Zack, Derrick, Chad, Jen. They all did a great job preparing these race cars all winter. All of my sponsors; they make all of this possible. We are working for really good things this year, so this is a great start to that.”

Gravel, who started on the outside-front row, wasted no time getting to the front of the field, taking command during the initial drop of the green flag and stretching his early advantage to a near-three second lead. Even with two cautions, traffic coming into play by lap 10, and an abrasive coat of rubber starting to form on the surface of the speedway by lap 15, the pilot of the CJB Motorsports/GoMuddy.com/Big Game Treestands/No. 5 continued to hold his advantage, navigating forward while keeping Donny Schatz at a distance.

“[Donny Schatz] is definitely the best, so anytime you have an opportunity to beat him is a great thing,” Gravel stated. “The rubber started to come into play, so I had a little bit of an advantage at the end of the race. I was trying not to miss my marks while racing through traffic. I wanted to take my time and make sure I didn’t slip my tires. Our tires just made it, so thank goodness for that.”

With his second place performance, Donny Schatz, pilot of the familiar Tony Stewart/Curb-Agajanian Racing/Arctic Cat/No. 15, will end his Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions Florida campaign with three victories and two runner-up finishes.

“We are happy with that,” Donny Schatz said regarding his Arctic Cat All Star performances in Florida. “The track kinda caught us off guard here tonight. I really didn’t expect it to take rubber like that, but it did, so it kinda set us up for a difficult second-half of the race. That’s the way it goes some days. This Arctic Cat team does a phenomenal job. I think we would rather have five victories during the last week, but who wouldn’t.”

The Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions will enjoy a seven week hiatus before returning to competition on Saturday evening, April 8, at the Atomic Speedway near Chillicothe, Ohio. “America’s Series” hosted competition at the southern Ohio highbanks on two separate occasions in 2016; once during Ohio Sprint Speedweek presented by Cometic Gasket, and once again on October 22 during the Arctic Cat All Star championship weekend. NASCAR Cup star Kyle Larson earned the speedweek victory, with Wooster, Ohio’s Sheldon Haudenschild taking high honors on championship weekend.

Those seeking additional information regarding Atomic Speedway should visit the facility live on the Web at www.atomicspeedway.net.

Contingency Awards/Results: Volusia Speedway Park - Thursday, February 16, 2017:
Event: 46th Annual DIRTcar Nationals
EMi Driver’s Meeting: 33 entries
State Water Heaters Warm-Ups: Brian Brown - 13.644 seconds
Lincoln Electric Fast Qualifier: Christopher Bell (6th) - 13.420 seconds
Kistler Racing Products Heat #1: Chad Kemenah
All Pro Aluminum Cylinder Heads Heat #2: Caleb Armstrong
Hunt Brothers Pizza Heat #3: Kerry Madsen
Elliott’s Custom Trailers & Golf Carts Heat #4: Justin Henderson
JE Pistons Dash #1: Caleb Armstrong
JE Pistons Dash #2: David Gravel
Classic Ink USA B-Main: Joey Saldana
Daido Engine Bearings Main Event Winner: David Gravel
MSD Performance Hard Charger Award: Chad Kemenah (+3)
Outback Steakhouse A-Main 5th Place Finisher: Caleb Armstrong
Outback Steakhouse A-Main 10th Place Finisher: Aaron Reutzel
Outback Steakhouse A-Main 15th Place Finisher: Mark Dobmeier
(Lincoln Electric, Daido Engine Bearings, MSD Performance, Outback Steakhouse: Need decal to qualify for contingency award)

1.15-Donny Schatz, 13.271; 2.5-David Gravel, 13.311; 3.49-Brad Sweet, 13.317; 4.21-Brian Brown, 13.357; 5.9-Daryn Pittman, 13.415; 6.14-Christopher Bell, 13.420; 7.27-Greg Hodnett, 13.475; 8.10H-Chad Kemenah, 13.479; 9.13JT-Mark Dobmeier, 13.497; 10.5W-Lucas Wolfe, 13.513; 11.17s-Joey Saldana, 13.528; 12.2-Shane Stewart, 13.554; 13.2M-Kerry Madsen, 13.558; 14.4-Paul McMahan, 13.599; 15.11K-Kraig Kinser, 13.607; 16.17-Caleb Helms, 13.612; 17.24-Rico Abreu, 13.617; 18.7C-Caleb Armstrong, 13.622; 19.87-Aaron Reutzel, 13.703; 20.59H-Justin Henderson, 13.741; 21.59-Ryan Smith, 13.770; 22.13D-Danny Dietrich, 13.783; 23.93-Sheldon Haudenschild, 13.790; 24.17B-Steve Buckwalter, 13.800; 25.18-Ian Madsen, 13.818; 26.19-Brent Marks, 13.846; 27.7W-Tasker Phillips, 13.907; 28.O7-Jacob Wilson, 14.129; 29.13-Brandon Matus, 14.298; 30.51-John Garvin, 14.354; 31.33-Brent Matus, 14.651; 32.1Z-Dale Blaney, 99.260; 33.8M-TJ Michael, 99.990;

Heat 1, Group A - (8 Laps)
1. 10H-Chad Kemenah[1] ; 2. 14-Christopher Bell[2] ; 3. 49-Brad Sweet[3] ; 4. 5-David Gravel[4] ; 5. 2-Shane Stewart[6] ; 6. 17s-Joey Saldana[5] ; 7. 7W-Tasker Phillips[7] ; 8. 13-Brandon Matus[8]

Heat 2, Group B - (8 Laps)
1. 7C-Caleb Armstrong[1] ; 2. 15-Donny Schatz[4] ; 3. 4-Paul McMahan[2] ; 4. 27-Greg Hodnett[3] ; 5. 17B-Steve Buckwalter[5] ; 6. 51-John Garvin[7] ; 7. O7-Jacob Wilson[6]

Heat 3, Group C - (8 Laps)
1. 2M-Kerry Madsen[1] ; 2. 5W-Lucas Wolfe[2] ; 3. 21-Brian Brown[4] ; 4. 13JT-Mark Dobmeier[3] ; 5. 19-Brent Marks[8] ; 6. 18-Ian Madsen[7] ; 7. 17-Caleb Helms[6] ; 8. 11K-Kraig Kinser[5]

Heat 4, Group D - (8 Laps)
1. 59H-Justin Henderson[1] ; 2. 87-Aaron Reutzel[2] ; 3. 24-Rico Abreu[3] ; 4. 13D-Danny Dietrich[6] ; 5. 9-Daryn Pittman[4] ; 6. 93-Sheldon Haudenschild[7] ; 7. 59-Ryan Smith[5] ; 8. 33-Brent Matus[8]

Dash 1 - (4 Laps)
1. 7C-Caleb Armstrong[1] ; 2. 15-Donny Schatz[5] ; 3. 2M-Kerry Madsen[2] ; 4. 10H-Chad Kemenah[4] ; 5. 87-Aaron Reutzel[3]

Dash 2 - (4 Laps)
1. 5-David Gravel[1] ; 2. 49-Brad Sweet[2] ; 3. 5W-Lucas Wolfe[4] ; 4. 59H-Justin Henderson[3] ; 5. 14-Christopher Bell[5]

B-Main 1 - (12 Laps)
1. 17s-Joey Saldana[1] ; 2. 11K-Kraig Kinser[2] ; 3. 17-Caleb Helms[3] ; 4. 18-Ian Madsen[6] ; 5. 7W-Tasker Phillips[7] ; 6. 93-Sheldon Haudenschild[5] ; 7. 51-John Garvin[10] ; 8. 13-Brandon Matus[9] ; 9. 33-Brent Matus[11] ; 10. 59-Ryan Smith[4] ; 11. O7-Jacob Wilson[8] ; 12. 1Z-Dale Blaney[12] ; 13. 8M-TJ Michael[13]

A-Main 1 - (30 Laps)
1. 5-David Gravel[2] ; 2. 15-Donny Schatz[3] ; 3. 49-Brad Sweet[4] ; 4. 10H-Chad Kemenah[7] ; 5. 7C-Caleb Armstrong[1] ; 6. 2M-Kerry Madsen[5] ; 7. 14-Christopher Bell[10] ; 8. 9-Daryn Pittman[17] ; 9. 4-Paul McMahan[12] ; 10. 87-Aaron Reutzel[9] ; 11. 24-Rico Abreu[13] ; 12. 27-Greg Hodnett[14] ; 13. 19-Brent Marks[20] ; 14. 21-Brian Brown[11] ; 15. 13JT-Mark Dobmeier[15] ; 16. 17s-Joey Saldana[19] ; 17. 59H-Justin Henderson[8] ; 18. 18-Ian Madsen[23] ; 19. 17-Caleb Helms[21] ; 20. 11K-Kraig Kinser[22] ; 21. 5W-Lucas Wolfe[6] ; 22. 13D-Danny Dietrich[16] ; 23. 2-Shane Stewart[18] ; 24. 17B-Steve Buckwalter[24] Lap Leaders: David Gravel 1-30

Volusia Speedway Park

Nick Hoffman is perfect on night two as Schantz wins over hard charging Kyle Larson!

BARBERVILLE, FL – February 15, 2017 – Nick Hoffman led every lap he raced en route to his first win of the 46th Annual DIRTcar Nationals in DIRTcar UMP Modified action at Volusia Speedway Park on Wednesday night. The Mooresville, N.C. driver paced all 20 laps of the main event to earn his eighth career Volusia victory.

“This will just add to my pond. I have eight of them now,” Hoffman said in Victory Lane as he received his Gator trophy. “Nothing went wrong tonight. Last night was kind of a struggle, but it was awesome tonight. I knew the racetrack was going to be in my favor tonight. I just tried to hug the infield wall and make laps as smooth as I could.”

Hoffman was flawless in the bottom groove and proved too strong even for the field of talented veterans. He held off Arnold, Mo. driver Kenny Wallace in the opening laps and David Stremme of South Bend, Ind. following the final restart of the night on lap 17.

“I knew a couple of those guys would try the top, but most of the time here you’re married to the bottom,” Hoffman said. “I knew if I hit my marks those last two laps it was going to be hard to get around me.”

Stremme was happy to earn a podium finish after starting seventh and recording a sixth-place result on Tuesday night. However, the driver of the No.35 was adamant his team can still find more speed.

“We were just a little bit off last night and we’re just going to keep working on some stuff,” Stremme said. “Hats off to Nick. He was the best car last night and tonight. We’ll keep digging. There are a lot of great cars here. We had to pass a lot to get up here.”

Clarklake, Mich. driver Brian Ruhlman was among the top-three for the second straight night. Ruhlman had to dispatch of Wallace on the final lap to earn a third-place finish.

“We went harder on tire, I think, than anybody else here,” Ruhlman explained. “We got rolling in the middle. We didn’t need that caution at the end because I think those guys were slowing down, but a top-three, we’ll take it.”

Hoffman set fast time to start the night during group time trials with a lap of 18.218 seconds, topping Ruhlman’s Tuesday fast time of 18.747 seconds around the half-mile.

Hoffman was also a heat race winner, along with Ruhlman, Wallace, Garrett Stewart of Leesburg, Fla., Blake Spalding of Lima, Oh., and Jeff Leka of Buffalo, Ill.

Will Krup of Mount Carmel, Ill., Johnny Broking of Grand Rapids, Minn. and Kyle Strickler of Mooresville, NC were winners in a trio of B-Mains. Gene Nicholas of Lowell, Ark. qualified into the main event as the fastest 4th-place finisher in the three B-Mains.

The DIRTcar UMP Modifieds return to action alongside the Arctic All-Star Circuit of Champions sprint car series on Thursday night as the 46th annual DIRTcar Nationals continue at Volusia Speedway Park.


DIRTcar UMP Modifieds A-Main - [20 Laps – Starting Position in Brackets]: 1. 2 Nick Hoffman [2], 2. 35 David Stremme [7], 3. 49 Brian Ruhlman [5], 4. 36 Kenny Wallace [6], 5. 67 Garrett Stewart [3], 6. 90 Jason Beaulieu[8], 7. 13 Jacob Hawkins [12], 8. 9 Ken Schrader [9], 9. 4 Mike Learman [10], 10. 65 Josh Rice[14], 11. K9 Will Krup [19], 12. 2x4 Chase Collins [18], 13. 7 Justin Allgaier [24], 14. 3L Jeff Leka [4], 15. 98 Shon Flanary [23], 16. 88 Matt Crafton [17], 17. 21C Taylor Cook [13], 18. 10Y Trent Young [17], 19. 11N Gene Nicholas [28], 20. 45J Johnny Broking [20], 21. 77 Ray Bollinger [13], 22. 25 Tyler Nicely [13], 23. D4 Dave Jamieson [26], 24. 1 Blake Spalding [1], 25. 3E Robbie Eilers [27], 26. 72 Todd Neiheiser [16], 27. 8 Kyle Strickler [21], 28. 69 AJ Fike [22].

B-Main 1 [10 Laps – Top 3 finishers transfer to the A-feature]: 1. K9 Will Krup, 2. 69 AJ Fike, 3. 77 Ray Bollinger, 4. 11N Gene Nicholas, 5. 43 Kyle Schmidt, 6. 12K Scotty Kincaid, 7. 9G Ernie Gingerich, 8. 23 Ryan Cripe, 9. 07 Jeff Thomas, 10. 2J Troy Johnson, 11. 83 Ray Ciccarelli, 12. 11T Dugan Thye, DNS. 17T Tyler Evans, 01 Jared Spalding, 25B Shawn Beasley.

B-Main 2 [10 Laps – Top 3 finishers transfer to the A-feature]: 1. 45J Johnny Broking, 2. 98 Shon Flanary, 3. D4 Dave Jamieson, 4. 00 Will Norris, 5. 8A Austin Holcombe, 6. 17JE J.E. Stalder, 7. 64JR Billy Workman Jr., 8. 23G Robbie Gates, 9. 71 Jessie Hoskins, 10. 9s Slater McCray, 11. 71M Shayne Meadows, 12. 2M David Mitchell, 13. 6B Dave Baldwin, DNS. 15 Hunter Gustafson.  

B-Main 3 [10 Laps – Top 3 finishers transfer to the A-feature]: 1. 8 Kyle Strickler, 2. 7 Justin Allgaier, 3. 3E Robbie Eilers, 4. 5 Jonathon Taylor, 5. 54 Larry Burkins, 6. 33 Jeff Mathews, 7. 28B Jason Brookover, 8. 24Z Zeke McKenzie, 9. 89W Rick Weitekamp, 10. Z06 Larry Mott, 11. 96J Matt Johnson, 12. 6 Dylan Browning, DNS. 22T Tony Anderson, 05 David Wietholder.

Heat Race 1 [8 Laps – Top 3 finishers transfer to the A-Feature; Winner redraws]: 1. 67 Garrett Stewart, 2. 35 David Stremme, 3. 21C Taylor Cook, 4. K9 Will Krup, 5. 69 AJ Fike, 6. 11N Gene Nicholas, 7. 12K Scott Kincaid, 8. 07 Jeff Thomas, 9. 2J Troy Johnson, 10. 11T Dugan Thye, 11. 25B Shawn Beasley.

Heat Race 2 [8 Laps – Top 3 finishers transfer to the A-Feature; Winner redraws]: 1. 2 Nick Hoffman, 2. 90 Jason Beaulieu, 3. 65 Josh Rice, 4. 23 Ryan Cripe, 5. 83 Ray Ciccarelli, 6. 77 Ray Bollinger, 7. 17T Tyler Evans, 8. 01 Jared Spalding, 9. 9G Ernie Gingerich, 10. 43 Kyle Schmidt.

Heat Race 3 [8 Laps – Top 3 finishers transfer to the A-Feature; Winner redraws]:1. 49 Brian Ruhlman, 2. 9 Ken Schrader, 3. 10Y Trent Young, 4. 45J Johnny Broking, 5. D4 Dave Jamieson, 6. 17JE J.E. Stalder, 7. 8A Austin Holcombe, 8. 9S Slater McCray, 9. 2M David Mitchell, 10. 15 Hunter Gustafson.

Heat Race 4 [8 Laps – Top 3 finishers transfer to the A-Feature; Winner redraws]: 1. 1 Blake Spalding, 2. 4 Mike Learman, 3. 72 Todd Neiheiser, 4. 64JR Billy Workman Jr., 5. 98 Shon Flanery, 6. 6B Dave Baldwin, 7. 00 Will Norris, 8. 23G Robbie Gates, 9. 71M Shayne Meadows, 10. 71 Jesse Hoskins.

Heat Race 5 [8 Laps – Top 3 finishers transfer to the A-Feature; Winner redraws]: 1. 3L Jeff Leka, 2. 25 Tyler Nicely, 3. 88 Matt Crafton, 4. 3E Robbie Eilers, 5. 7 Justin Allgaier, 6. 8 Kyle Strickler, 7. 89W Rick Weitekamp, 8. 54 Larry Burkins, 9. 96J Matt Johnson.

Heat Race 6 [8 Laps – Top 3 finishers transfer to the A-Feature; Winner redraws]: 1. 36 Kenny Wallace, 2. 13 Jacob Hawkins, 3. 2x4 Chase Collins, 4. 33 Jeff Mathews, 5. 22T Tony Anderson, 6. 5 Jonathan Taylor, 7. 28B Jason Brookover, 8. 24Z Zeke McKenzie, 9. 6 Dylan Browning, 10. Z06 Larry Mott.

Qualifying Group No. 1: 1. K9 Will Krup [18.454], 2. 35 David Stremme [18.724], 3. 21c Taylor Cook [18.819], 4. 67 Garrett Stewart [18.889], 5. 69 AJ Fike [18.932], 6. 07 Jeff Thomas [18.967], 7. 25B Shawn Beasley [19.203], 8. 2J Troy Johnson [19.311], 9. 11N Gene Nicholas [19.464], 10. 12k Scott Kincaid [19.747], 11. 11T Dugan Thye [20.261].

Qualifying Group No. 2: 1. 2 Nick Hoffman [18.218], 2. 77 Ray Bollinger [19.059], 3. 90 Jason Beaulieu [19.087], 4. 65 Josh Rice [19.131], 5. 17T Tyler Evans [19.231], 6. 43 Kyle Schmidt [19.408], 7. 01 Jared Spalding [19.565], 8. 23 Ryan Cripe [19.612], 9. 83 Ray Ciccarelli [19.668], 10. 9G Ernie Gingerich [19.942].

Qualifying Group No. 3: 1. 49 Brian Ruhlman [18.477], 2. 10Y Trent Young [18.847], 3. 45J Johnny Broking [18.921], 4. 9 Ken Schrader [18.922], 5. 8A Austin Holcombe [18.928], 6. D4 Dave Jamieson [19.040], 7. 9S Slater McCray [19.076], 8. 17JE J.E. Stalder [19.117], 9. 2M David Mitchell [19.190], 10. 15 Hunter Gustafson [19.551].

Qualifying Group No. 4: 1.72 Todd Neiheiser [18.695], 2. 98 Shon Flanary [19.188], 3. 4 Mike Learman [19.245], 4. 1 Blake Spalding [19.251], 5. 64Jr Billy Workman Jr. [19.294], 6. 00 Will Norris [19.478], 7. 6B Dave Baldwin [19.610], 8. 71 Jesse Hoskins [19.617], 9. 23G Robbie Gates [19.713], 10. 71M Shayne Meadows [19.769].

Qualifying Group No. 5: 1. 7 Justin Allgaier [18.805], 2. 25 Tyler Nicely [18.892], 3. 3L Jeff Leka [18.994], 4. 88 Matt Crafton [19.043], 5. 54 Larry Burkins [19.122], 6. 3E Robbie Eilers [19.144], 7. 8 Kyle Strickler [19.398], 8. 89W Rick Weitekamp [19.878], 9. 96J Matt Johnson [21.100], 10 05 Dave Weitekamp [No Time].

Qualifying Group No. 6: 1. 36 Kenny Wallace [18.762], 2. 13 Jacob Hawkins [18.863], 3. 33 Jeff Mathews [18.899], 4. 2x4 Chase Collins [19.265], 5. 28B Jason Brookover [19.298], 6. 24Z Zeke McKenzie [19.340], 7. 5 Jonathan Taylor [19.392], 8. 22T Tony Anderson [19.652], 9. Z06 Larry Mott [19.781], 10. 6 Dylan Browning [19.815].


Donny Schatz stays hot in close one over hard charging Kyle Larson!

BARBERVILLE, Fla. – February 15, 2017 – What started out as a race between reigning series champions quickly became a race between two teammates Wednesday night, as Donny Schatz fended-off a late charge from Kyle Larson to win by a .113-second margin. Schatz, who has won three of the last four Arctic Cat All-Star Circuit of Champions races in 2017, paraded down victory lane of the 46th Annual DIRTcar Nationals in front of an electrified crowd.

“This should be a tribute to this race team,” said Schatz. “It’s not something that’s built over night. You work hard, and these guys work their tails off. They are a great group of guys who do an incredible job.”

Schatz shared the front row with Chad Kemenah when he led 25 cars into the 30-lap feature courtesy of winning his heat race and dash earlier in the night. He never looked back after making a pass to reclaim the lead before the halfway-point. Larson, who was a last-minute replacement for the Tony Stewart Racing team, had no previous experience on the fast-action half-mile.

There was another barn-burner earlier in the race between Jason Johnson and Joey Saldana. The two jockeyed for a podium spot; all but one spot in the top-five was owned by a series regular. Even with a horrific flip by Saldana in turn two, there were three series regulars who finished in the top-five. Both Johnson and Saldana were cleared.


A-Main 1 -  (30 Laps) - 1. 15-Donny Schatz [1] ; 2. 14-Kyle Larson [15] ; 3. 10H-Chad Kemenah [2] ; 4. 9-Daryn Pittman [7] ; 5. 49-Brad Sweet [4] ; 6. 11K-Kraig Kinser [22] ; 7. 1Z-Dale Blaney [13] ; 8. 2-Shane Stewart [11] ; 9. 5W-Lucas Wolfe [5] ; 10. 4-Paul McMahan [17] ; 11. 5-David Gravel [14] ; 12. 2M-Kerry Madsen [12] ; 13. 17-Caleb Helms [3] ; 14. 27-Greg Hodnett [9] ; 15. 18-Ian Madsen [24] ; 16. 24-Rico Abreu [21] ; 17. 13JT-Mark Dobmeier [16] ; 18. 7C-Caleb Armstrong [25] ; 19. 8M-TJ Michael [19] ; 20. 19-Brent Marks [18] ; 21. 17s-Joey Saldana [6] ; 22. 41-Jason Johnson [10] ; 23. 21-Brian Brown [8] ; 24. 87-Aaron Reutzel [20] ; 25. 59H-Justin Henderson [23]

Qualifying - 1.21-Brian Brown, 13.221; 2.41-Jason Johnson, 13.295; 3.9-Daryn Pittman, 13.301; 4.5-David Gravel, 13.338; 5.49-Brad Sweet, 13.341; 6.17s-Joey Saldana, 13.370; 7.10H-Chad Kemenah, 13.385; 8.2-Shane Stewart, 13.440; 9.2M-Kerry Madsen, 13.442; 10.5W-Lucas Wolfe, 13.472; 11.1Z-Dale Blaney, 13.524; 12.27-Greg Hodnett, 13.529; 13.59H-Justin Henderson, 13.539; 14.14-Kyle Larson, 13.550; 15.15-Donny Schatz, 13.573; 16.11K-Kraig Kinser, 13.593; 17.17-Caleb Helms, 13.613; 18.24-Rico Abreu, 13.614; 19.93-Sheldon Haudenschild, 13.629; 20.19-Brent Marks, 13.640; 21.59-Ryan Smith, 13.683; 22.8M-TJ Michael, 13.698; 23.13JT-Mark Dobmeier, 13.699; 24.18-Ian Madsen, 13.753; 25.4-Paul McMahan, 13.763; 26.13D-Danny Dietrich, 13.985; 27.O7-Jacob Wilson, 14.092; 28.87-Aaron Reutzel, 14.101; 29.7C-Caleb Armstrong, 14.179; 30.13-Brandon Matus, 14.274; 31.17B-Steve Buckwalter, 14.327; 32.7W-Tasker Phillips, 14.362; 33.51-John Garvin, 14.402; 34.33-Brent Matus, 14.996

Heat 1, Group A -  (8 Laps) - 1. 15-Donny Schatz [2] ; 2. 17-Caleb Helms [1] ; 3. 1Z-Dale Blaney [3] ; 4. 5-David Gravel[4] ; 5. 19-Brent Marks [7] ; 6. 24-Rico Abreu [5] ; 7. 93-Sheldon Haudenschild [6] ; 8. 13-Brandon Matus [8] ; 9. 7W-Tasker Phillips [9] 

Heat 2, Group B -  (8 Laps) - 1. 10H-Chad Kemenah [2] ; 2. 9-Daryn Pittman [3] ; 3. 41-Jason Johnson [4] ; 4. 13JT-Mark Dobmeier[5] ; 5. 8M-TJ Michael[1] ; 6. 13D-Danny Dietrich [6] ; 7. 7C-Caleb Armstrong [7] ; 8. 51-John Garvin [8] ; 9. 33-Brent Matus [9]

Heat 3, Group C -  (8 Laps) - 1. 5W-Lucas Wolfe [2] ; 2. 49-Brad Sweet [4] ; 3. 2-Shane Stewart [3] ; 4. 4-Paul McMahan [6] ; 5. 87-Aaron Reutzel [8] ; 6. 18-Ian Madsen [5] ; 7. 17B-Steve Buckwalter [9] ; 8. O7-Jacob Wilson [7] ; 9. 59-Ryan Smith [1]

Heat 4, Group D -  (8 Laps) - 1. 27-Greg Hodnett[1] ; 2. 17s-Joey Saldana[3] ; 3. 2M-Kerry Madsen[2] ; 4. 14-Kyle Larson[6] ; 5. 21-Brian Brown [4] ; 6. 59H-Justin Henderson [5] ; 7. 11K-Kraig Kinser [7]

Dash 1 - (4 Laps) - 1. 15-Donny Schatz [1] ; 2. 17-Caleb Helms [2] ; 3. 5W-Lucas Wolfe [5] ; 4. 9-Daryn Pittman [4] ; 5. 27-Greg Hodnett [3]

Dash 2 - (4 Laps) - 1. 10H-Chad Kemenah [1] ; 2. 49-Brad Sweet [2] ; 3. 17s-Joey Saldana [5] ; 4. 21-Brian Brown [4] ; 5. 41-Jason Johnson [3]

B-Main 1 -  (12 Laps) - 1. 24-Rico Abreu [3] ; 2. 11K-Kraig Kinser [2] ; 3. 59H-Justin Henderson [1] ; 4. 18-Ian Madsen[5] ; 5. 13D-Danny Dietrich[6] ; 6. 93-Sheldon Haudenschild [4] ; 7. 7C-Caleb Armstrong [8] ; 8. 7W-Tasker Phillips [11] ; 9. O7-Jacob Wilson [7] ; 10. 33-Brent Matus [13] ; 11. 17B-Steve Buckwalter [10] ; 12. 13-Brandon Matus [9] ; 13. 51-John Garvin [12] ; 14. 59-Ryan Smith [14]

Volusia Speedway Park

Hawkins soars to DIRTcar Nationals opening night victory!

BARBERVILLE, FL – February 15, 2017 – Jacob Hawkins of Fairmont, WV led all 20 laps of the DIRTcar UMP Modified feature to earn his first career Gator trophy and win at Volusia Speedway Park on night one of the DIRTcar Nationals.

Hawkins led the opening lap after starting on the outside of the front row and held off Clarklake, MI-native Brian Ruhlman over the final 10 laps to earn his spot in Victory Lane. Hawkins attributed his success to car owner Junior Nolan who has accompanied him there to Florida Florida in search of a Gator over the last 12 years.

“It hasn’t been from lack of effort,” said Hawkins. “Junior’s given me good equipment every time. It takes a lot of luck down here. There’s so many good cars, you get to run with guys like Ken Schrader, Kenny Wallace and the top talent in the Modifieds. It’s a great feeling [to win],”

Hawkins said. Hawkins overcame a lap 12 restart but had to deal with Ruhlman until the final corner. Ruhlman had the advantage in turn two, but Hawkins had an answer for the driver of the No.49 off turn four.

“I had something for him down in [turn] one and two, but I couldn’t figure out what to do with them down [in three and four]. I was hoping I could make him make a mistake, but I think he knows I’ll always leave him a lane,”Ruhlman said following his runner-up finish.

Arnold, MO driver Kenny Wallace raced his way to a podium finish after starting ninth and was content to finish third behind Hawkins and Ruhlman, he said.

“It was a great job by my team. This is a brand new car. We just unloaded it today,” Wallace said. “We learned some adjustments to make tonight, but when you have Jacob Hawkins and Brian Ruhlman, these are two of the best the United States has to offer. They’re fast.”

Earlier in the night, Ruhlman set fast time in qualifying time trials with a lap of 18.747 seconds around the half-mile Volusia oval. He was also a heat race winner along with Hawkins, Will Krup, Jeff Leka, Ray Bollinger and Scott Kincaid.

Reigning DIRTcar UMP Modified DIRTcar Nationals champion Nick Hoffman raced his way into the 20-lap feature from the first Last Chance Showdown. Contact in Hoffman’s heat race forced him to battle his way in to the show through the back door, but did so in convincing fashion as he advanced from 13th to win. Billy Workman Jr. of Canbury, OH and Kyle Strickler of Mooresville, NC both won Last Chance Showdowns from the pole starting position.

The UMP Modifieds return to action on Wednesday alongside the Arctic Cat All-Star Circuit of Champions for night two of the DIRTcar Nationals.

Story by: Clayton Johns

Volusia Speedway Park

Showers Sr. wins the battle, but Showers Jr. wins the war claiming Iron Man Title!

(12-12-16) Barberville, FL - The nice part about racing in Florida is the racing season seems to never end. Volusia Speedway Park opens the gates in February with the DIRTcar Nationals and keeps running until December when the season closes out. With the long grueling regular season, tempers flair up, races are won and lost, and champions are crowned. This past Saturday night VSP wrapped up its regular season in grand style with four wide racing, fireworks, and a new Iron Man.

The night kicked off with the Allen Plumbing Hobby Stocks as Trevor Gamble and Jason Garver led the field to the green flag. Gamble would get the early jump on the outside line and move around Garver for the lead as Mike Tovet, who was driving the CLX Engineering #66a for Donnie Ashford, followed suit moving from fourth to second. Gamble would open up a sizable lead as the 20 lap feature wore on Tovet would begin to have pressure from another Ashford owned car this one driven by Alan Peacock. The two would do battle while Gamble would extend his lead until Tovet would have a mechanical failure sending him pit-side and out of the race while brining out a caution. When the race resumed, Gamble would once again jump out to a sizable lead over Peacock as Robert Hicks and 11th starting Dustin Turnage Jr. began to gain on the runner up spot. No one would have anything for the Satisfaction Dry Wall #64 of Gamble as he would go on and win the final Hobby Stock Feature of 2016. Peacock would cross second followed by Hicks, Turnage JR. and James McCague.

Next up found the Mercedes Benz of Daytona Beach Limited Late Models take center stage. Scott Gray and Gordon Peck would lead the field to green as Gray would get the early jump using the inside line to get around Peck. As Gray pulled the field down the backstretch, Bruce Collins Jr. would use his fourth place starting spot on the outside lane to move into the second spot behind leader Gray. Gray would shift lanes from the bottom to the cushion on the second lap and stay there until a challenger was met. Collins would run the same line making small gains at times, but Gray appeared to be on cruise control the first half of the race. As first and second ran single file from each other the battle was on for third, fourth, and fifth as Peck would have his handful as Paul Shead and John Westbrook began applying pressure. with just a handful of laps remaining, Westbrook would get around Peck and Shead for the third spot as Shead would move into the fourth spot with Ken Knoll in fifth. When the checkered flag was dropped it was Gray picking up his first win of 2016 followed by Collins, Westbrook, Shead, and Knoll.

The third event on the evening was the main event as the Youngs Enterprises Iron Man Series would race the sixth and final race of the mini series put on by Robert Young from Youngs Enterprises David Showers Jr. went into the event up just a handful of points on Scotty Kay Jr. for the Iron Man Title. The front row would see David Browning and John Thorpe take the green with Shaun Daugherty and David Showers Sr. just behind them. Browning would get the early jump and take the lead away heading into the first turn and begin to extend his lead over the next two laps while David Showers Sr. would grab the second spot. After only two laps, a caution would come out for the Javen Wells machine allowing Showers Sr. to start on the outside on a restart where he would take the lead away from Browning. Showers would lead until a lap four caution would stack the field back up again. Showers Sr. would use the high line to take the lead once again, but this time Bubba Durbin would flex his muscle and try to get by Browning for second. Browning would hold back the challenge and begin to close back in on Showers Sr. As the race hit the half way point Browning had caught Showers Sr. and began to apply heavy pressure for the race lead. The two would battle side by side for a lap or two before Showers Sr. would begin to drive a little hard extending his lead once again. The caution would fly one more time with two laps to go as second place running Browning would have a flat RR tire. When the race resumed it was David Showers Jr. now on his fathers bumper. The two would battle hard for the final two laps, but in the end it was Showers Sr. taking home the win. Showers Jr. was second followed by Bubba Durbin, Shaun Daugharty and Dustin Turnage Sr.

The final feature of the night went to the Yeomans Performance Parts Gladiators as 21 cars checked in for racing action. The front row saw Johnathan Green and Robert Young take the field to green with Dustin Carter and last weeks big winner Josh Walker in row two. As the field exited the first turn the front runners ran out of room while trying to go four wide. A chain reaction caused Walker to make contact with Carter and a flat tire on the #5 car. As Carter limped into turn three trying to signal the field of the issue Mike Barfield and Casey Feaster would both make heavy contact with Carter. Feaster would continue, but Barfield's night was done. Carter would also be able to continue after replacing the flat right front tire, but would go to the tail. When the race resumed again it was Josh Walker making the move around Young for second and James Sullivan taking the race lead from Johnathan Green. For most of the race Sullivan would battle Walker for the race lead as Young battled with Green from the third spot. Meanwhile Carter was mounting a charge from the rear of the field using passes high and low to crack back into the top ten just before the half way point. A caution would slow the field one more time and when the green dropped again Walker would go back to work on Sullivan for the lead. with just a handful of laps Sullivan began to smoke and Walker would make a move to finally get around the #28 machine. Further back Young had gotten around Green and Carter was coming on strong to get behind Young for the third spot. When the race ended it was Walker making it two in a row with Sullivan coming in second while loosing what appeared to be his engine after the stripe. Young was third followed by the hard charging Carter and Green rounded out the top five.

With this being the final race of the 2016 season we would like to take a moment to thank all of the sponsors, fans, and race teams that supported VSP all season long including the transition after the track was shut down for the month of November. 2017 plans have not been finalized as of right now, but regardless of what happens we still look forward to seeing everyone at the Worlds Fastest Half mile next year!

Also don't forget that speedweeks is right around the corner and we have placed the schedule on our website for all race fans. We will do our best to keep this site up to date in February, but remember you can follow along on our sister site, www.dirtcarnationals.com for all the up to date results!


Allen Plumbing Hobby Stocks- (11 Cars)

(Heat #1) Mike Tovet, Jason Garver, Robert Hicks, Jonathan Croson, Josua Kunstbeck, Dustin Turnage Jr.

(Heat #2) Alan Peacock, Trevor Gamble, Mike Eubanks, James McCague, Cheyenne Sullivan

(Feature/20 Laps) Gamble, Peacock, Hicks, Turnage Jr., McCague, Kunstbeck, Croson, Eubanks (DNF), Garver (DNF), Tovet (DNF), Sullivan (DNS)


Mercedes Benz of Daytona Beach Florida Limited Late Models- (11 Cars)

(Heat #1) Gordon Peck, Steve Shead, John Westbrooke, Paul Shead, Chuck Jackson, Lisa O'Connor (DNS)

(Heat #2) Scott Gray, Bruce Collins, Jr., Ken Knoll, Mark Steube, Ray Price

(Feature/20 Laps) Gray, Collins Jr., Westbrooke, P, Shead, Knoll, S. Shead, Gordon, Steube, Jackson, Price, O'Connor (DNS)


Youngs Enterprises Iron Man Series Race #5 for V8 Thunderstocks - (23 Cars)

(Group #1 Qualifying) Bubba Durbin 21.248, Scotty Kay Jr. 21.735, Dustin Turnage Sr. 21.777, Mike Eubanks 22.054, Donnie Birdwell 22.195, Roger Wren 22.195, Del Powell 22.396, Jeff Baer No Time

(Group #2 Qualifying) David Showers Jr. 21.399, David Browning 21.411, David Showers Sr. 21.475, Ben Hutto 22.529, Erick Armino 22.582, Dustin Peterson 22.718, Joey Durbin 22.773, Marlin Durbin 22.814

(Group #3 Qualifying) John Thorpe 21.508, Shaun Daugharty 22.575, Brian Schrunk 22.821, Randy Bennett 22.883, Javen Wells 24.408, Rusty Young No Time

(Heat #1) B. Durbin, Turnage Sr., Eubanks, Wren, Birdwell, Powell, Baer (DNS), Kay Jr. (DNS)

(Heat #2) Showers Sr., Browning, Showers Jr., Hutto, Arminio, J. Durbin, M. Durbin, Peterson

(Heat #3) Thorpe, Daugharty, Schrunk, Bennett, Wells, Young, Kent Corbin (DNS)

(Feature/25 Laps) Showers Sr., Showers Jr., B. Durbin, Daugharty, Turnage Sr., Thorpe, Hutto, J. Durbin, Wren, Birdwell, Arminio, Schrunk, Young, M. Durbin, Wells, Bennett, Browning, Baer, Powell (DNF), Eubanks (DNF), Peterson (DNF), Kay Jr. (DNF), Corbin (DNS)


Gary Yeomans Performance Parts Gladiators - (21 Cars)

(Heat #1) Josh Walker, Jonathan Green, Casey Feaster, James Strehle, Jason Tovet, John Baxter, Ashley Taylor

(Heat #2) Dustin Carter, Scotty Sullivan, John Windham, Ashley Eng, Mike Barfield, Jamie Sullivan, Robbie White

(Heat #3) Robert Young, Erik Mantz, Todd Latour, Brad Blanton, Steven Quick, Chris Yeomans

(Feature/15 Laps) Walker, S. Sullivan, Young, Carter, Green, Eng, Feaster, Blanton, Strehle, Taylor Tovet, Baxter, J. Sullivan, White, Quick, Mantz, Latour, Barfield, #3, Yeomans, Windham (DNS)

Volusia Speedway Park

Showers and Walker cash in big at VSP while Burkins and Hampton finish on high notes!

(12-5-16) Barberville, FL - The word has gotten out about VSP having great racing from start to finish and the purses have been going up with drivers from all of the state taking notice. This past weekend saw 22 Thunderstocks sign in for the $1,200 to win Youngs Enterprises Iron Man event from the V8 Thunderstocks and 25 Yeomans Performance Parts Gladiators sign in for the highest car count since the track began racing regularly four years ago.

First up on the night would be the Daytona Sportswear Modifieds and it was Jim Passino and 2016 Track Champion Garret Stewart on the front row. When the green flag dropped it was Stewart powering by Passino on the outside lane to take the lead as the field exited off turn two. Stewart would then open up a sizable lead over Passino until the field was slowed by the first caution on lap three for Hunter Gustafson. When the field stacked back up Stewart would once again regain his lead, but this time the man on the move was Larry Burkins from eighth as he charged inside the top five using the low line around the half mile. Unfortunately, the bold move was negated as another caution came out for a full restart. On the ensuing restart Stewart would once again take the lead and begin to stretch it over the field until more cautions plagued the field from lap six to nine. When the field finally got some green flag laps in, Stewart would lead, but it was Burkins once again showing his muscle getting into the second spot and charging down the leader. Just past the half way point Stewart and Burkins would do heavy battle for the lead side by side as Burkins would slip by Stewart with just over five laps remaining. Stewart tried to pull the cross over, but could not make it work. As the race wore down one final caution would come out and Stewart would take another look at Burkins, but he could not make the pass clean as Burkins would go on and win in grand style by nearly a straightaway. Stewart was second followed by Jason Intoppa, Passino, and Dillon Buhr.

Second on the running order found the Yeomans Performance Parts Mini Stocks come to life on the World's Fastest Half Mile. The class of the field would be Jake Hampton and Brad Fender as both would get out front early trying to get into the win column in the 2016 season. The two would battle it out to the end, but it was Hampton who would prevail taking the checkered flag with Fender second. Dalton Walker, VSP's 2016 Track Champion would come home in third followed by Fender's teammate Chris Thomas in fourth.

Third up saw the Yeomans Performance Parts Gladiators taking center stage with 25 cars making the starting lineup for a special $300 to win event. The car count was among the highest ever at VSP and the racing action was some of the best the fans have seen all year long. Starting on the front row saw Dewayne Yeomans and Charlie King take the field to green with Erik Mantz and Josh Walker in row two. When the green flag dropped Walker would quickly use the outside line to his advantage jumping into the second spot by lap one and taking the lead on lap two. The man on the move, however was William Hindman who jumped into the second spot behind Walker by lap three. The two would battle nose to tail for the entire first half of the race checking out from third place runner Yeomans. The race was slowed just before the half way mark as a major pile up on the front stretch would happen claiming eight cars total. The significance of this pile up was because Hindman had just made his move on the outside getting around Walker. On the races restart Walker and Hindman would once again do battle for the top spot. As the race reached its closing stages Hindman would get around Walker for a moment before almost instantly breaking an axle as he worked off turn two ending his night. From that moment on Walker would lead the remaining laps claiming the richest payday of his career in the Gladiator division. Second went to 19th starting Zach Curtis followed by, Dalton Strehle, Nathan Rhodes, and Dewayne Yeomans.

Rounding out the night would be the Youngs Enterprises Iron Man Series for the V8 Thunderstocks. The front row consisted of Bubba Durbin and David Showers Jr. who has dominated Volusia Speedway Park in 2016. When the green flag dropped it was Showers Jr. using the outside lane to get around Durbin with second row starter David Showers Sr. following suite on the high line to overtake second. Showers Jr. and Sr. would do battle for the lead during the races first several laps while Scotty Kay Jr. and Bubba Durbin did battle for third and fourth. Just past the half way point the caution flag would come out for Ben Hutto whom had a flat right rear tire just as Scotty Kay Jr. was making his move into the third spot. When the green flag dropped again Showers Jr. would keep his lead, but Scotty Kay Jr. began applying heavy pressure on second place. Thre three cars ran nose to tail until four laps to go when Scotty Kay Jr. made his move under Showers Sr. and got by him down the backstretch. With just two to go Kay Jr. would begin to make his move on Showers Jr. for the lead getting under him in an attempt to get the lead. With two laps to go Showers Sr. would get side by side with Kay Jr. as he slipped up the track off turn four. The two would not give an inch in the closing laps and it was Kay Jr. who ended up out of the groove slipping back to third. Showers Sr. would then try an mount a charge to claim the lead away from his son, but he could not make it stick as Showers Jr. went on to win Race #5 of the Youngs Enterprises Iron Man Series. Showers Sr. was second followed by Kay Jr. Durbin, and Donnie Ashford.

VSP will be back in action this coming weekend for the Season Finale! In Action will be the final leg of the Youngs Enterprises Iron Man Series along with the Yeomans Performance Parts Gladiators running for $300 to win again. Also in action will be the Mercedes Benz Limited Late Models and Allen Plumbing Hobby Stocks.

We will also have a huge Fireworks display on hand to round out the season as well as a BBQ after the nights fesitivites for the drivers to celebrate the season. More information on that will be released tomorrow.

Pit Gate and Drive Thru open at 4:00pm - Main Grandstands at 5:00pm with racing action at 7:30pm Sharp!


Daytona Sportswear Modifieds- (16 Cars)

(Heat #1) Bill Howard, Garret Strewart, Dustin Thayer, Dillon Buhr, Jason Intoppa, Charlie Phillips, DJ Farr, Ron Gustafson

(Heat #2) Hunter Gustafson, Jim Passino, Shane Nichols, Larry Burkins, Seth Geary, Paul Shead, Mark Buie, Mike Phillips

(Feature/20 Laps) Burkins, Stewart, Intoppa, Passino, Buhr, H. Gustafson, Geary, Shead, Nichols, Howard, Thayer, Buie, Farr, M. Phillips (DNF), R. Gustafson (DNF), C. Phillips (DNF)


Youngs Enterprises Iron Man Series Race #5 for V8 Thunderstocks - (22 Cars)

(Group #1 Qualifying) Bubba Durbin 21.628, Donnie Ashford 22.049, Rusty Young 22.097, Brian Schrunk 22.276, Roger Wren 22.325, Migueal Powell 22.921, John Flokowski 23.893, Ron McCreary 24.068

(Group #2 Qualifying) David Showers Sr. 21.655, Scotty Kay Jr. 21.735, Shaun Daugharty 21.806, Mike Tovet 22.136, Kent Corbin 22.265, Ben Hutto 22.540, Donnie Birdwell 22.780, Tim Hughes 22.834

(Group #3 Qualifying) David Showers Jr. 21.896, Dalton Strehle 22.332, Dustin Turnage Sr. 22.541, Erick Arminio 22.941, Ron Adams 23.094, Randy Bennett 23.399, Javen Wells 26.072

(Heat #1) Durbin, Ashford, Schrunk, Young, Wren, Powell, McCreary

(Heat #2) Showers Sr., Kay Jr., Tovet, Corbin, Hughes, Hutto, Birdwell, Dagharty

(Heat #3) Showers Jr., Turnage Sr., Arminio, Adams, Bennett, Wells, Strehle

(Feature/25 Laps - $1,200 to win) Showers Jr., Showers Sr., Kay Jr., Durbin, Ashford, Tovet, Wren, Young, Schrunk, Arminio, Birdwell, Strehle, Hughes, Powell, Hutto, McCreary, Wells, Adams (DNF), Florkowski (DNF), Corbin (DNF), Turnage Sr (DNF), Bennett (DNF)


Gary Yeomans Performance Parts Gladiators - (25 Cars)

(Heat #1) Kyle Eng, Erik Mantz, Scotty Sullivan, Jamie Sullivan, Casey Feaster, Zach Curtis, Ashley Eng, James Strehle, John Baxter

(Heat #2) Dalton Strehle, Charlie King, William Hindman, Chris Yeomans, Dave Ladrie, Robbie White, Jason Tovet

(Heat #3) Josh Walker, Dewayne Yeomans, Nathan Rhodes, Robert Young, Steve Ramos, Todd Latour, Robert Strehle

(Feature/20 Laps) Walker, Curtis, D. Strehle, Rhodes, D. Yeomans, Sullivan, Mantz, Latour, Tovet, Baxter, J. Strehle, King, Ramos, White, R. Strehle, Ladrie, Hindman (DNF), Eng (DNF), Soucup (DNF), Young (DNF), R. Yeomans (DNF), C. Yeomans (DNF), Barfield, J. Sullivan, A. Eng, Feaster


Gary Yeomans Performance Parts Mini Stocks - (4 Cars)

(Feature/15 Laps) Jake Hampton, Brad Fender, Dalton Walker, Chris Thomas

Volusia Speedway Park

Smith, Tovet, Carter, & Ashford all collect wins at VSP on Thanksgiving Weekend!

(11-26-16) Barberville, FL - One week removed from opening weekend, VSP was back in action Thanksgiving Weekend with racing across four different divisions including the Florida Late Models, Revolution Racing presented by BOZARD Ford Thunderstocks, Yeomans Performance Gladiators, and the Allen Plumbing Hobby Stocks. Racing action started at 7:30pm sharp and the program went flawlessly finishing up in its entirety just before 10:00pm.

The first feature of the night saw the Florida Late Models take the track with Taylor Gant and Paul Shead leading the field to green. The two would battle side by side into turn one, but it was Shan Smith who used the extreme low side to slip under both drivers and take the lead as the field headed off into turn three. Smith would lead the opening lap, but the man on the move was Tyler Clem who had to start scratch after being involved in a wreck during his heat race. Clem would go from last to second in just four laps and set his sights on race leader Smith. Clem would get within five or six car lengths of Smith and his CBR chassis #34 as the two caught lapped traffic. In the lapped traffic Smith would prove to be just too strong as he would go on to win again at VSP in the Florida Late Model division as Clem would settle for second. Pole sitter Grant would come home in third followed by Jeremy Knoll and Mark Steube.

The racing program would roll into the Revolution Racing presented by BOZARD Ford V8 Thunderstocks next as Erick Arminio and Ron Adams would lead the field to the green flag. Arminio would get the early jump on Adams, but it was Shaun Daugharty and Brian Schrunk taking the early advantage as both drivers would jolt to the front of the field only a few laps into the feature event. Mike Tovet, who now drives a #0, began to work his way to the front as well slipping past Arminio, Adams, and Barry Sheffield and set his sights on the race leaders before the half way point. As the laps began to wind down, Tovet would slip past Daugharty and Arminio and start to pull away from the field as he would go on take his first feature event of 2016 at VSP. Daugharty would roll across the line in the runner up spot followed by Schrunk, Travis Staats, and Sheffield. Staats would actually start shotgun on the field as his father Charlie Staats would start the night off and the two made a driver switch before the feature event.

The Gary Yeomans Performance Parts Gladiator division moved up on the night and ran third as points champion Dustin Carter and Robert Young Lined up together on the front row. When the green flag came out Carter would get the early jump on Young and lead the field into the first turn. Young would settle in the runner up spot and stay on Carter threw the first several laps with John Baxter in tow. As the laps clicked away Carters #5 kept getting stronger as he would open up a sizable lead over Young until a lap 14 caution would come out slowing the field. Carter would get a good restart on Young and lead the final lap claiming his ninth win of 2016. Young would come home in second followed by Baxter, Josh Walker and James Strehle.

Finally the Allen Plumbing Hobby Stocks would anchor the racing action as new comer Sammy Hatcher and veteran Donnie Ashford would lead the field to the green flag. Ashford would use the high line to his advantage and get by Hatcher on the opening lap and begin to set sail at the front of the pack. second row starters Justin Hamilton and Trevor Gamble would both get by hatcher and have a good battle for the runner up spot before Gamble would break away from Hamilton claiming the runner up spot. Fifth place starter Robert Hicks was on the move on the night as he would get by Hatcher and then Hamilton before doing battle with Gamble for the runner up spot. No one had anything for Ashford tho as he would set sail leading flag to flag claiming another win on the 2016 campaign. Gamble would finish second followed by Hicks, Hamilton, and Hatcher.

VSP will be back in action this coming weekend as the Youngs Enterprises Iron Man Series takes center stage again paying $1,200 to the winner of the Thunderstock event. also running on the evening will be a special event for the Yeomans Performance Parts Gladiators as they will be running for $300 to win as well. Supporting the night will be the Daytona Sportswear Modifieds and Yeomans Performance Mini Stocks.

The Pit Gate and Drive-Thru will open at 4:00pm with the Main Grandstands opening at 5:00pm. The drivers meeting will start around 6:30 with racing at 7:30pm sharp! We hope to see you all on Saturday!


Florida Late Models - (10 Cars)

(Heat #1) Jeremy Knoll, Paul Shead, Ken Knoll, Chuck Jackson, Steve Shead

(Heat #2) Shan Smith, Taylor Grant, Mark Steube, Blaise Retherford, Tyler Clem

(Feature/20 Laps) Smith, Clem, Gant, J. Knoll, Steube, P. Shead, Retherford, K. Knoll (DNF), Jackson (DNF), S. Shead (DNS)


Revolution Racing presented by BOZARD Ford V8 Thunderstocks - (15 Cars)

(Heat #1) Mike Tovet, Shaun Daugharty, Ron Adams, Rusty Young, Tim Hughes, Donnie Birdwell, Javen Wells

(Heat #2) Brian Schrunk, Barry Sheffield, Erick Arminio, Roger Wren, Randy Bennett, Charlie Staats, David Cloer

(Feature/20 Laps) Tovet, Daugharty, Schrunk, Travis Staats, Sheffield, Adams, Young, Wren, Bennett, Ron McCreary, Erick Arminio, Hughes (DNF), Wells (DNS), Birdwell (DNS), Cloer (DNS)


Gary Yeomans Performance Parts Gladiators - (6 Cars)

(Heat #1) Robert Young, Dustin Carter, John Baxter, Todd Latour, James Strehle, Josh Walker

(Feature/15 Laps) Carter, Young, Baxter, Walker, Strehle, Latour (DNF)


Allen Plumbing Hobby Stocks - (9 Cars)

(Heat #1) Trevor Gamble, Justin Hamilton, Donnie Ashford, Sammy Hatcher, Robert Hicks, Jeff Miller, Robert Sirmons, Dustin Peterson, James McCague

(Feature/20 Laps) Ashford, Gamble, Hicks, Hamilton, Hatcher, Sirmons, McCague, Peterson (DNF), Miller (DNF)

Volusia Speedway Park

Mark Whitener takes home the win in dramatic style during the re-opening of VSP!

(11-19-16) Barberville, FL - Volusia Speedway Park re-opened the gates this past weekend for a full night of racing action once again at "The World's Fastest Half Mile". The night of racing was headlined by the Advanced Medical Labs Late Models which ran for a $2,000 top prize along with the Allen Plumbing Hobby Stocks, Revolution Racing presented by BOZARD Ford V8 Thunderstocks, and the Yeomans Performance Parts Gladiators.

The main event of the night in the Advanced Medical Labs Late Models saw Ivedent Lloyd Jr. lead the field to green driving the Big Frog Motorsports #58 XR1 Rocket. Lloyd would go on and lead the first several laps, but the man on the move was Mark Whitener in the BOZARD Ford #6w Longhorn machine. Whitener had to start shotgun on the field after his #5 machine experienced mechanical issues which forced him to a Blake Spencer back up machine. Whitener would waste no time getting to the front as he would use the high line to go from the tail of the field to fourth in just three laps. Whitener would then waste no time getting to the point and never looking back just past the races half way point and go onto win the coveted $2,000 top prize. Heat Race winner Bo Allen would cross the line second followed by Donnie Chappell, Russell Brown, and Blake Spencer rounding out the top five.

The Allen Plumbing Hobby Stock division saw the two best in the area battling it out for a race win once again as Trevor Gamble and Donnie Ashford picked up where they left off the last time VSP ran on October 1st. In the end it was Gamble getting the best of Ashford for the second straight race. Ashford would finish second followed by Robert Hicks, Jordan McMillon, and Dustin Peterson rounded out the top five.

Next up on the docket for the evening would see the Revolution Racing presented by BOZARD Ford V8 Thunderstocks come to the green flag. David Showers Jr. looked to continue his VSP dominance as did his father, David Showers Sr., but it was another Sr. finding victory lane for the first time in 2016 as Dustin Turnage Sr. took his #1 to the front of the field and never looked back beating out both Showers Sr. and Showers Jr. at the line. Shaun Daugarty would come home third in his first appearance back since the passing of his father and Mike Tovet rounded out the top five.

Finally the Yeomans Performance Parts Gladiators would take the final green flag of the evening. Leading the field to the green would be Nathan Rhodes as he would get the early jump on the entire field with Steve Ramos and Robert Young in tow. While Rhodes held a steady lead Young would find himself picking off Ramos for second and begin to track down race leader Rhodes. A late race caution would fly bunching the field back up, but Rhodes would get the jump on Young who missed a shift which allowed Ramos to get second back as Eddie Tovet, Erik Mantz, and Ashley Eng all slipped by. In the end it was Rhodes taking home his first win of 2016 at VSP over Ramos in a battle that went down to the wire. Eddie Tovet was third followed by Mantz, Eng, and Young.

Racing action returns this weekend to VSP as the Florida Late Model Series (LTD. Late Models) returns along with the Allen Plumbing Hobby Stocks, Revolution Racing presented by BOZARD Ford V8 Thunderstocks, and Yeomans Performance Parts Gladiators. The Pit Gate and Drive Thru will open at 4:00pm with the Main Grandstands opening at 5:00pm. Racing action as always will start at 7:30pm sharp!

General Admission for the next two weeks will be $10.00 for ages 16 and older. Veterans and Fans 65 and older will be $8.00 and 15 and under are Free.

VSP would like to thank all of our race fans, drivers, race teams, and staff for coming out the past weekend and making the first night back a successful one. We hope we can finish the year strong in the next few weeks and continue to work toward brining great racing action to all of our fans each week!


Advanced Medical Labs Late Models - (13 Cars)

(Heat #1) Bo Allen, Iedent Lloyd Jr., Blake Spencer, Donnie Chappell, Joe Kump, Jay Johnson, Hamp Conley

(Heat #2) Mark Whitener, Russell Brown, Jason Fitzgerald, Larry anderson, Ray Price, Steve Shead

(Feature/35 Laps/$2,000 to Win) Whitener, Allen, Chappell, Brown, Spencer, Fitzgerald, Kump, Anderson, Shead, Conley, Lloyd Jr., Price, Johnson


Allen Plumbing Hobby Stocks - (10 Cars)

(Feature/20 Laps) Trevor Gamble, Donnie Ashford, Robert Hicks, Jordan McMillon, Dustin Peterson, Bubba Durbin, Phillip Brown, Rusty Young, Joe Kump, Joshua Kunstdeck


Revolution Racing presented by BOZARD Ford V8 Thunderstocks - (16 Cars)

(Heat #1) Bubba Durbin, Dustin Turnage Sr., Shaun Daugart, Ben Hutto, Brian Schrunk, David Cloer, Erick Arminio, James Strehle

(Heat #2) David Showers Sr., Mike Tovet, David Showers Jr., Ron Adams, Randy Bennett, Gerald Haley, Bobby McCormick

(Feature/20 Laps) Turnage Sr., Showers Sr., Showers Jr., Daugarty, Tovet, Durbin, Schrunk, Sheffield, Hutto, McCormick, Arminio, Adams, Haley, Cloer, Bennett, Strehle


Gary Yeomans Performance Parts Gladiators - (9 Cars)

(Feature/15 Laps) Nathan Rhodes, Steve Ramos, Eddie Tovet, Erik Mantz, Ashley Eng, Robert Young, Jason Tovet, Kyle Eng, Todd Latour

Volusia Speedway Park

Matt Kurtz takes home the Eagle Jet Sprint Cars Win. Gainey, Staats, Gamble, and Carter all find Victory Lane!

(10-3-16) The weather was all around Volusia Speedway Park this past Saturday night, but never got close enough to stop another action filled night of racing as five divisions took to the "Worlds Fastest Half Mile" with the exciting Eagle Jet Top Gun Sprint Car Series headlining the event for the final time in 2016.

The first feature to hit the track saw the Mercedes Benz Limited Late Models take the green and it was Nevin Gainey who would put on a show on his way to the front early on. Gainey would have the lead before the second lap could be completed over Steve Shead and checked out from the field driving Louis Ledlow's Snow Brothers #00 to his sixth win of the 2016 season. Gainey has been traveling around the state of Florida the past few weeks and had not been to VSP in over a month, but showed no signs of rust in a convincing victory in an unfamiliar race car. Steve Shead would come home in the runner up spot followed by Sonny Thompson, John Westbrook, and Tom Smith rounded out the top five.

Next up saw the exciting Allen Plumbing Hobby Stocks take the track as it was Donnie Ashford and Trevor Gamble battling out on the half mile with the tight points battle in the mix as well between the two local drivers. Ashford, who has seven wins on the year had Gambles number early on and would stretch his lead just past the half way point. Gamble would try all he could to catch the #66 of Ashford, but could not get close enough to strike. With just a handful of laps remaining, Gamble would catch a break as Ashford would slow and pull off the track with a blown engine handing the lead over to Gamble who would go on and win his third feature of 2016 and extend his points lead to 26 markers of Ashford. Jordan McMillon came home an impressive second followed by Rusty Young, Cheyenne Sullivan, and Ashford.

The main event of the evening went to the Eagle Jet Top Gun Sprint Car Series making their final appearance of 2016 at VSP. Dennis Musarca came into the event with just a 22 point lead over Matt Kurtz as the Sprint Cars wind down the 2016 season with just three events remaining. When the green flag dropped it was Matt Kurtz jumping out to the early lead with Gene Lasker on his rear nurf bar. As the race clicked away laps Kurtz would start top open up a sizable lead going into lap traffic and use amazing car control working his way through the rear of the field. Lasker held second until just under eight laps remaining when local standout Brett O'Donnell worked his way into the runner up spot. No one had anything for Kurtz though as he put on a clinic winning by just over five seconds. O'Donnell would come home in second followed by, Lasker, AJ Maddox, and Musarca rounded out the top five.

The fourth feature event of the evening went to the Revolution Racing presented by BOZARD Ford V8 Thunderstocks. Tim Hughes would lead the field to the green flag, but it was Travis Staats in the Action Automotive 9AR who was on the move early. Staats would take over the top spot just a few laps into the feature and open up a two second lead over the field. David Showers Jr., who started in row three, had some issues finding his way to the front of the field, but would ultimately find his way to the runner up spot with just six laps to go. Staats, who still had a sizable lead, would not be denied his first Thunderstock win of 2016 as Showers Jr. could not come close the the #9AR as Staats took home the win. Showers Jr. would cross the line in second followed by Alan Peacock, Tim Hughes, and Ben Hutto rounding out the top five.

The final feature of the night went to the Gary Yeomans Performance Parts Gladiators with Robert Young and Billy Barrington taking the field to the green. Barrington would jump out to the early lead on the high line as Young would drop to second and Jamie Sullivan Third. Barrington would open up a sizable lead over the field as Carter would do battle with Sullivan for third then slip past Young for the runner up spot with just five laps into the race. The first caution would come out for Jamie Sullivan having tire issues setting up a double file restart between Barrington and Carter. When Barrington went to fire he would have mechanical issues moving Carter into the lead. Barrington would get his #54 back into gear, but not before dropping to the rear of the field. Another caution would fall over the field on lap eight as Sullivan would get into Young. When the green dropped again Carter would continue to lead, but Barrington was on his rear bumper in hot pursuit after the mechanical issue. The race went down to the wire as Barrington would try a last ditch effort on the final turn to get around Carter, but the door was shut as Carter went on to win his eighth feature of the year. Barrington was second followed by Young, John Baxter, and Sullivan (docked two spots for jumping a restart).


Eagle Jet Top Gun Sprint Car Series - (10 Cars)

(Heat #1) Gene Lasker, Matt Kurtz, Dennis Musarca, Aileen Collins-Love, Frank Carlson

(Heat #2) AJ Maddox, Brett O'Donnell, Anthony D'Alessio, Dave Thomas (DNS), Jeff Parks (DNS)

(Feature/25 Laps) Kurtz, O'Donnell, Lasker, Maddox, Musarca, D'Alessio, Collins-Love, Thomas, Carlson (DNF), Parks (DNF)


Mercedes Benz of Daytona Beach Limited Late Models - (12 Cars)

(Heat #1) Nevin Gainey, John Westbrook, Noah Cornman, Paul Shead, Tom Smith, Lisa O'Connor

(Heat #2) Sonny Thompson, Steve Shead, Ray Price, Chuck Jackson, Michael Ridgeway Jr., Jamie Dayhaw (DQ'ed)

(Feature/20 Laps) Gainey, S. Shead, Thompson, Westbrook, Smith, P. Shead, Cornman, Price, Jackson, Ridgeway Jr., O'Connor, Dayhaw (DNF)


Allen Plumbing Hobby Stocks - (6 Cars)

(Heat #1) Trevor Gamble, Donnie Ashford, Jordan McMillon, Rusty Young, Chris Doane, Cheyenne Sullivan

(Feature/20 Laps) Gamble, McMillon, Young, Sullivan, Ashford (DNF), Doane (DNF)


Revolution Racing presented by BOZARD Ford V8 Thunderstocks - (12 Cars)

(Heat #1) David Showers Jr., Travis Staats, Brett Carlton, Bobby McCormick, Donnie McCormick, James Parrish

(Heat #2) Alan Peacock, Ben Hutto, Tim Hughes, Matt Schloss, David Cloer, Javen Wells, Randy Bennett (DNS)

(Feature/20 Laps) Staats, Showers Jr., Peacock, Hughes, Hutto, Carlton, B. McCormick, Schloss, Bennett, D. McCormick, Parrish, Wells


Gary Yeomans Performance Parts Gladiators - (10 Cars)

(Heat #1) Jamie Sullivan, Dustin Carter, Billy Barrington, Robert Young, John Baxter

(Feature/15 Laps) Carter, Barrington, Young, Baxter, Sullivan, Michael Trotter, Matt Boner, Dalton Strehle, Danny Brown (DNS), Jay Wells (DNS)


Volusia Speedway

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